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Every girl would like to have a wonderful Christmas toy for herself. Check out the top Christmas toys for girls.

Christmas Toys for Girls

Your little princess deserves something very special for Christmas. You have seen her grow from a small infant to a crawling toddler to a little girl who looks like the cutest doll in that ballerina dress. This Christmas, give her a wonderful Christmas toy that will make her realize how precious she is. It will be one of those days for you when you get to see your little daughter grin broadly and open her eyes wide in surprise. You can be one of those lucky parents who get to see true happiness gleaming in your little girl's eyes. So, check out our selection of top Christmas toys for your girl.

Top Christmas Toys For A Girl

Barbie Dolls
Barbie dolls have always been your little princess' favorite companion. A Barbie set including her home, dress, shower, make up kit and accessories would be an ideal gift for your little daughter.

Bed Time Story Book
A girl loves reading fantasy novels like Harry Potter in childhood and Mills & Boons in her teenage. So, you can get the collection of a series of bed time story book for your sweet little baby.

Puzzle Games
Puzzle games are also wonderful for your little girl as she loves making houses from those broken cardboards pieces. If you want to improve her vocabulary, you can also gift her zigzag vocabulary development puzzles.

Life Size Teddy Bears
A life sized teddy bear can be a wonderful gift for your little princess. It is said that teddy bears enhance the feeling of safety in the kids. So, what better can you think of than a cute chubby teddy bear?

Painting Set
A complete painting set with sheets, pencils, colors and a palette is an ideal gift if your little lady loves painting and drawing and is fond of colors. She will thank you for inculcating a good hobby later in her life.

Fairy Dress
Do not like you dressing up your little girl in fairy dress? Remember, she loves this too. Buy her a beautiful white glittery fairy dress along with a magical wand. She will be overwhelmed.

Roller Skates
Roller Skates are also wonderful gifts that you can gift your little princess on the Christmas day. She will be more than happy on these dancing wheels.

Tiny Make-up Box
Every girl loves makeup even if she is merely 3 years old. So, if your little girls want to dress up like her mom, get her a tiny make-up kit with some branded quality kid products.

Musical Instrument
Girls have a soft corner with music. So, if you gift her some musical instruments like Casio or guitar, she will thank you millions of time for this special; Christmas present.

I-Pods are also wonderful tech products for girls which helps her in creating a collection of her favorite songs. This will also be a wonderful Christmas Gift for her.