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Boys love to have the best toy as a gift for Christmas. Check out top Christmas toys for boys.

Christmas Toys for Boys

Unlike girls who love fancy and lovable toys, boys love those action toys and funky gadgets. They have a techno-streak inside their persona right from the beginning, so as they grow up, the love for gadgets also grow along with them. It is always preferable to get them the latest game in the market. If you do so, you are certain to cherish the scene when your boy goes to his friends, proudly flaunting his much desired Christmas toy and flashing a 1000 watt smile! Boys love to play around actively and act rough at times. So the Christmas toys should be such that they should be sturdy and at the same look tough and macho. Sounds like a puzzle? Relax; it is not that difficult picking up a Christmas toy for boys. In case you are still wondering our list of top Christmas toys for boys should give you some ideas.

Top Christmas Toys For A Boy

There is nothing more that the boys love than the feeling of being grown up and independent. Gifting a bicycle to him means a lot to him as it means you have faith that he can roam on his own now. Also, the latest bicycle with gears and modern designs make him feel like a dude. So, a bicycle is certainly a wonderful Christmas Gifts for boys.

DVD Sets
As you know, your little dude loves action, thrill, fantasy and suspense; you can also buy a series of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Superman, Pirates of the Caribbean DVDs. You will see him overwhelmed with this gift.

FIFA 2007 Console Game
As a parent you have always asked your kid to stay away from computer games, but make this Christmas special by gusting your computer games crazy kid with advance games like FIFA 2007 Console Game would leave him completely surprised and also, extremely happy.

Complete Game Set
Buy a complete Game Set of any out door game like Soccer, Baseball, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball, etc in which your kids takes interest. It should include everything right from sports equipments to jersey of the game

If your kid is a techno-freak cum music lover, you can't think of anything better than an I-Pod. Also, do not forget to upload his favorite music in the I-Pod. This would really form an interesting gift for Christmas occasion.

Miniature Helicopter
Most of the little boys dream of becoming a pilot, because it takes them to a completely different world of action, thrill and adventure. Gifting them a Miniature Helicopter is like giving wings to their dreams. Present him a Miniature Helicopter to him this Christmas and observe the spark in his eyes.

Play Station (Latest Version)
The PlayStation 3 officially named as PLAYSTATION 3 and commonly abbreviated PS3 is the third home video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. This is the most latest and advanced version of the Play Station and would certainly form a wonderful gift for your little prince this Christmas.

Remote Controlled Car
If your little boy is a bit too little to understand a complicated video game or use an I-pod, gifting him a nice huge remote controlled car would be the best option, this Christmas. He would enjoy his control over his tiny gadget till he becomes big enough to ask for something more technically sophisticated.

There are several kinds of toy robots available in market and little boys fancy them a lot. If you buy them a little electronic companion to play with, they will be overjoyed. This Christmas gift him with the latest Robot available in the market.

XBox 360
XBox 360 is the second video game console produced by Microsoft, and the advanced version to the Xbox. The Xbox 360 is competent with Sony's PlayStation 3 and Nintendo's Wii as part of the seventh generation of video game consoles.

Harry Potter Novel
The novels of Harry Potter are a crazy amongst kids. They enjoy reading the fantasy novels especially if it is a magical saga of Harry Potter. If you wish, you can buy the entire series for them or you can simply opt for one novel. This Gift would be apt only if your little boy is above 10 years of age.