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People in Canada have been celebrating Christmas with great enthusiasm. Explore information on Christmas celebrations in Canada.

Christmas In Canada

Christmas is celebrated with great fanfare across Canada. Here, the festival is not merely a private affair. The ceremonious occasion took the shape of a community festival in the 19th century and since then, it is observed with great enthusiasm by the natives of the country. It is the time to spread good cheers, enjoy the holidays with loved ones, invoke Lord Jesus Christ through carols and songs and seek his blessings. During the holiday season, people would indulge themselves in cleaning their homes and make lip smacking Christmas recipes. Go through the following lines to know all about how people have been celebrating Christmas in Canada.

Christmas Celebrations In Canada

People from different walks of life and nationalities have settled in Canada, many years ago. You can find French, Ukrainians, English and Germans living in Canada in harmony. Since Canada has become the habitat for people belonging to different cultures, Christmas celebrations have become even more interesting. The festivities seen in urban parts of the country are much similar to that in America. On the other hand, the Scottish highlanders settled in Nova Scotia celebrate the occasion in their own way - by singing carols and songs early in the morning, on Christmas Day.

Enthralling parties filled with scintillating song and dance performances and the exchange of gifts mark the celebrations of Christmas by the Eskimos in Canada. For them, the auspicious occasion is the big winter festival called 'Sinck Tuck'. Generally, one can witness the celebrations of Christmas in Canada extending for twelve days. According to a popular tradition, small groups of masqueraded mummers, known as 'belnicklers', go from door to door, making weird noises and actions. They ring bells and ask for candy or other sweet treats, when they entertain people in Canada.

The masked people would continue to behave weirdly, until the hosts are able to make the right guess about who the person is, behind the mask. The mummers would enquire about the wellbeing of the children and ask them whether they were good in the past year. If the little ones had been good in the previous year, the mummers would reward them with sweet treats such as candies and chocolates. This tradition is somewhat similar to that seen in other parts of the world, where the carolers mask themselves and visit every home to entertain people with songs and Christmas carols.

In Quebec, the largest province of Canada with respect to the coverage of area, the celebrations of Christmas are marked by decoration of homes and premises. People would set up little mangers, depicting Nativity Scenes. Special church services are conducted in the midnight of Christmas Eve. The Midnight Mass is attended by hundreds of people. Everyone, who has attended the Mass, is offered pork pie, after the rituals of the church service are over. Thereafter, the traditional Christmas dinner is served, which typically consists of roast turkey and vegetables. You can also find nuts, mince pies and fruits in the menu.