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Christmas celebrations in Australia are full of gusto. Explore the article to know how people in Australia have been celebrating Christmas.

Christmas In Australia

When countries in the northern hemisphere celebrate Christmas during chilly winters, the festival is celebrated during hot sunny days, in Australia, because the country is located is southern hemisphere - where summers are from December 21 to March 21 and winters are from June 21 to September 21. This is the reason why Christmas in Australia is popularly referred to as 'Summer Christmas'. This has paved the way for uniqueness in the celebrations of the occasion in the continent. Go through the following lines to know all about Christmas celebrations in Australia.

Christmas Celebrations In Australia

Christmas Eve
On Christmas Eve, people in Australia would sing carols. Thousands of devotees of Lord Jesus Christ would gather in Melbourne, a city of Australia, on the Eve. Christmas candles are also lit by them. In Sidney, people would start singing carols a week prior to the festival. Christmas Bush, a plant native to Australia, is the specialty of the country, and put to its best use during the holiday season. The plant is characterized by little red flowers and leaves. The plant is extensively used to decorate the homes and premises, for Christmas. Summer holidays, which start from mid December and continue until early February are enjoyed to the fullest, in Australia.

Christmas Day
The traditional Christmas dinner, prepared by people in Australia, typically consists of turkey with ham and pork. Adding to the lip smacking delicacies is the family Christmas plum pudding, served at the end of the meal, as a dessert. The tourists of Australia would enjoy the Christmas by having dinner at midday on a local beach. Bondi Beach in Sydney's Easter Suburbs is the hub for tourists, during the festive season of Christmas. Thousands of people can be spotted, celebrating the festival with great enthusiasm, on the beach. While at home, people in Australia would spend the day by indulging themselves in exciting outdoor activities and games.

The perception of Santa Claus in the country is also a bit different from the rest of the world. Here, Santa Claus rides in six white boomers or kangaroos, instead of reindeer. His dress is also a bit less 'hot' than the traditional attire. Yacht race organized on Boxing Day (December 26) is world famous. The race starts from Sidney and ends in Hobart in Tasmania. Boxing Day marks the commencement of post-Christmas bargain shopping in Australia. Contrary to the popular belief that Boxing Day is something related Boxing sport, it is actually the day, when employers in the country 'box' gifts to their employees. Christmas in Australia is something worth watching, just for the way people celebrate it.