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Laugh out loud this Christmas by reading these funny poems. Check out humorous Christmas poem.

Funny Christmas Poems

Christmas is a ceremonious occasion and to spread good cheer in the festive season, dedicating a poem to your loved ones would be a wonderful way. Many poets around the world have explored the true spirits and festivities of Christmas and have penned down few funny poems based on the occasion. Whether they are short or long, the funny poems would definitely bring a smile on the face of the reader. If you are searching for some funny poems for the occasion, then this article is what you need. We have complied some of the most popular humorous poems for Christmas.

Funny Poems For Christmas

I'll be Cloned for Christmas
I'll be cloned for Christmas
You can count many me's!
Please have plenty of food for my multiple brood
And lots of presents for the many me's to appease!

Christmas Eve will find the many me's
Where the family screams!
I'll be cloned for Christmas
But only in multiplying extremes!
- Hubert Wilson

At Christmas Time
At X-mas time when we were kids,
We were bloody poor,
And Santa weren't too generous
When he knocked upon our door

But we made do by saving up,
Yes every little bit
"We may be poor" said dear old dad,
"But i dont give a shit!"

Our X-mas tree stood tall & proud
And rigid as a totem,
With X-mas baubles hangin' there.....
Like testies in ya scrotum!

Everyone loved xmas dinner,
No if's, and's or but's,
And all us kids would piss ourselves
When grandpa dropped his guts.

We'd leave a six pack for santa
And he always drank it quick,
Then i found out it was just me dad,
The alcoholic prick!

But all in all we had fun,
And lot & lots of cheer,
Now I can't wait till I've got kids....
Cause I'll get a carton of beer!
- Bruce Thompson

Christmas is Great But�
Christmas is great but,
Everyone's insane!
Going crazy with this funny Christmas game
Wrapping gifts and cooking food
And no one has time or is not in the mood.

Giving gifts to one another
No one has time for my brother
No attention for me at all
I can't even go to the mall!
Christmas morning comes and what do I see
- Author Unknown