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Have you heard the story of a drummer boy who accompanied the three wise men till Bethlehem? If not, here is the story for you.

Legend of Drummer Boy

You may have already heard the legends associated with Christmas, the day on which Jesus took birth on earth. You may also know about the wise men who visited the newborn with gifts for him. There are many such legends associated with Christmas and you may have heard many but those unheard are still more. Christmas, being a universally celebrated festival, has adopted and adapted to the cultures and traditions of every part of earth. It is thus that there are so many regional differences in the celebration and the celebrated Christmas legends. In the legend of Christ's birth, we have heard about Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and even the animals that came to the scene to witness the divine moment. We're also told of the wise men who, came with expensive gifts. But, have you heard the story of the drummer boy who accompanied the three wise men? You may not find this legend in the bible but the message it delivers is relevant nonetheless. Read on for details

The Story Of The Drummer Boy
Zack, a little boy, a passionate drummer, was sleeping on his bed when he was awakened by some people passing by his house. To his surprise, he saw richly dressed men mounted on camels, led by servants. Zack, who thought it was a parade, was overwhelmed with joy as he liked parades very much. He grabbed his drumsticks and joined the group and started playing his drum. The people woke up, lit candles and shouted at him for playing drum in the midnight. Even the three important people mounted on their camels weren't pleased, but Zack, the genuine parade lover, was not ready to give up the parade for any reason and thought that no parade is good without drums.

They were passing Bethlehem when day gave way to night and Zack noticed a bright star in the sky. He noticed that the important three men are also watching the star. Finally, he saw that the star had risen on the top of a little house and the caravan stopped in front of that small shed and the kings went inside. Zack peeped through the window and saw a newborn baby inside, receiving expensive gifts from the three men. Zack felt sad as he did not have anything to give to the baby and he thought maybe he could play the drum for the baby. Just then, Mary saw him and welcomed him inside. He played drum for the baby and, to his surprise, he saw the baby and the three men smile.

Years later Zack died at an early age, leaving behind a beautiful and religious wife in poverty. Once she came to know that a preacher was in town and she went over with the last two coins that she was left with. She was embarrassed at others' expensive gifts and quietly dropped her pennies into the box. She looked up to see the preacher, Jesus smiling at her, a sweet smile just like her husband had described. With great surprise, she realized that her husband had played drum for the king of kings and the lord of lords and that the great one still remembers it.

Yes, god values your thoughts and emotions rather than expensive gifts. A prayer from a sincere heart is worth more than any amount of expensive gifts for Him.