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Handmade or homemade Christmas stockings are quite popular. Know how to make Christmas stocking.

Christmas Handmade Stocking

The festival of Christmas is all about exchange of gifts, feasting and commemorating the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. All through the holidays, people would be busy in the preparation of the festival, which includes decoration of home, premises and the Christmas tree, cooking and scrub-cleaning the house. On Christmas Eve, attractively wrapped gifts are placed under the Christmas tree. Kids would attach their stockings to the mantelpiece, and eagerly await St. Nicholas (or Santa Claus, as per the popular belief) to fill their stockings with Christmas gifts. Generally, stockings are purchased from market, as lot of variety is available. However, if you want to give a personal touch to your stockings, then make them at home. In the article, we have given the instructions for making handmade Christmas stockings.

How To Make Christmas Stocking