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Looking for a new game to liven up your Christmas party? Read on to know the different games you can play during a Secret Santa event.

Secret Santa Party Games

Christmas is all about getting into the groove with the festive spirit, great food, families and parties. People are continuously striving to make their Christmas unique and enjoyable every year. Presents have always been an inherent part of Christmas and the conventional rule states that gifts under the Christmas tree have to be opened on the morning of Christmas. However, people are trying to break free from archaic norms and the Secret Santa concept is proving to be quite a huge break from the traditional styles of gift-giving. Not only does a person get a gift, but he or she receives it from an anonymous individual making it even more special, complete with an element of surprise. Thus, families all over the world have slowly come to realize that opening presents from known people have slowly fizzled out of excitement. In order to make your party more exciting, why not arrange for a Secret Santa theme, and spice the party with some great Secret Santa games?

Guess Who?
The usual Secret Santa game is extremely straightforward. The whole idea is to get all family members, friends or office colleagues engaged to get gifts and assign them randomly to another person with an allotted budget. Why not bend the rules a bit? This time, get all the people to pick out a name of a person to whom they will be assigning the gift, and buy a gift based on the personality of the giver. For instance, if the giver loves food, an example of a gift can be a Burger pillow or chocolates. The game here is for the receiver to guess who the gift could have potentially come from. The candidate has three chances to get it right. Start off with this game, and watch the madness unfold.

Dirty Gift Exchanges
Like the regular Secret Santa norm, get everyone to buy gifts for each other anonymously at an allotted budget, but do not assign the gifts to any random member. The game here is for the player to pick out any one gift from the lot for another person. Each member will have to pick out a gift. Each member has to decide whether they want to keep the gift or try and steal another member's gift if it looks interesting. This will keep your guests occupied and at the end of the day, the air of excitement would not have died down.

Secret Santa Poker
All you need is a deck of cards and your Secret Santa gifts lay out in the form of bets! This is a lot more fun than using money and can be played with any sort of Poker of your choice. The winner of a hand of Poker will get to take all the Secret Santa gifts that are put up for betting for that particular round. Turn the usual into unusual and your guests are in for a gala time!

Santa Fake Out
This is a fun game and is sure to bring out the child hidden in you! This is a perfect game that can be played with children and adults alike. With the original Secret Santa gifts, grab a few gag gifts from your local pranks store and wrap it in fancy paper mixing it with the other gifts. The trick is to pick a gift that is not a gag gift. People will have to touch, feel and analyze as to what might be hidden under the wrapping paper. You can try using hand goo, rubber lizards, clowns or fake insects in bottle as gag gifts. This one is definitely going to get the party going!

The aforementioned ideas you could get your party started on a funky and interesting note. Feel free to use your imagination and experiment with a few games of your own. Either way, your guests are in for a ball of a time!