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Thanksgiving celebrations are marked by a lavish feast. Read on to know some popular and easy to make recipes for Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is a joyous occasion, when the entire family gets together and enjoys the sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner, after offering prayers to the Almighty. It is one of the occasions when the celebrators binge on the numerous delicacies that are cooked for the feast. Friends and relatives throng the household on this festive day, to enjoy the mouthwatering dishes in each other's company. The traditional main course, turkey meat, is cooked in a luscious way, which is a real delight to the diners. There are many other dishes that are served alongside the traditional turkey as well.

Thanksgiving Appetizers, cupcakes, cookies and desserts are the dishes prepared alongside the main course, to double the feast fun on Thanksgiving Day. Some households also serve goose and duck, in place of the traditional turkey. Thanksgiving menu largely depends upon individual preferences of the family members and every household may prepare different dishes, depending on their specific tastes. This, especially, holds true in the case of side dishes. So, keeping in mind the taste of your guests and family members, try out some mouthwatering dishes on Thanksgiving & give them a delicious, yummy surprise.

Thanksgiving Appetizers
Thanksgiving is one of the occasions when you can hog on food like a glutton, without actually feeling guilty. Thanksgiving feast is organized in the name on god and celebrators binge on food, once they have offered prayers to the Almighty. Below given are recipes of some mouth-watering appetizers to be prepared on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipes
A cocktail is regarded as a stimulating liquid composed of a mixture of spirits, sugar, water and bitter. It is often said that a person who has swallowed a glass of cocktail is ready to swallow anything, as it renders the heart bold and stout. When we think about Thanksgiving, certain things automatically come to our mind like family gatherings, festive dinners, roasted turkeys, cranberries and pumpkin pies.

Thanksgiving Cookies
Thanksgiving is a festive occasion, which is celebrated by organizing a lavish treat for family members, relatives and friends. A number of Thanksgiving dishes are prepared on this day, to treat the guests royally. Mouth-watering cookies are one of the many scrumptious dishes prepared on this occasion.

Thanksgiving Cupcakes
Delicious and mouth-watering cupcakes can easily substitute desserts, after a lavish Thanksgiving meal. Soft textured cupcakes, in different flavors, are not just tempting, rather impossible to resist, on a festive occasion like Thanksgiving, where sumptuous feast is organized and followed by a range of desserts.

Thanksgiving Dressing Recipes
Thanksgiving is a great occasion to invite your friends and relatives over for dinner. The grand feast is the treat of the day and everyone looks forward to it. Besides the main turkey dish, you can introduce several dressing recipes to the meal as well, to give it a completely different taste. There can numerous recipes for Thanksgiving dressing, which can be made of turkey, fruits, oyster, cereal, corn, celery or any other item that one can think of.

Easy Thanksgiving Recipes
Thanksgiving dinner is a great treat with several delicacies. Turkey forms the main attraction of the dinner. However, apart from turkey, you can also make a variety of simple recipes on the day, to add to the festivities. There are many dishes that are extremely simple to prepare and at the same time, very delicious.

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes
Thanksgiving dinner needs to be extremely delicious and healthy, at the same time. You need to be careful that your guests have a grant treat, but not at the cost of their good health. So, always make the Thanksgiving treats taste good, but keeping in consideration the health quotient.

Thanksgiving Potato Recipes
Thanksgiving is a famous harvest festival celebrated with great pomp and show in United States and Canada. People thank the Almighty for the bountiful harvest, on this occasion. Thanksgiving feast is a great attraction of the day, wherein they prepare a variety of items. In fact, several lip-smacking dishes adorn the dinner table on this day.

Thanksgiving Salad Recipes
Arranging Thanksgiving dinner is a great deal, as it involves proper planning of the menu, along with preparation of mouth-watering dishes. Besides the main dishes, salads form an indispensable part of the dinner. In fact, salad is not just the side dish for the dinner, but is also an ingredient that completes it in the true sense.

Baby's First Thanksgiving Recipes
Thanksgiving Day is celebrated each year as a secular holiday. The Plymouth colonists and the Indians of Wampanoag shared a feast in the autumn of 1621. In 1863, during the Civil War, however President Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving Day to be held in November each year. This holiday is celebrated mainly in the United

Diet Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes
Thanksgiving or the 'harvest festival' is a time to express gratitude to the Almighty for all the blessings in life. On this special day, people organize reunions and get-togethers to celebrate the occasion of Thanksgiving. Even the houses are decorated exquisitely to represent

How To Cook The Perfect Turkey
The Thanksgiving holiday is celebrated to mark the gratitude that people feel for being blessed with all the good things in life. On this day, families, friends and neighbors get together and offer their prayers and thanks to God. A splendid feast is prepared

Thanksgiving Finger Food Recipes
Thanksgiving is a special day to express gratitude and appreciation to God, for all the blessings in life. Thanksgiving Day or the 'harvest festival' is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. As per the traditions and norms, houses are decorated beautifully with candles,

Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes
Thanksgiving Day is the day of gratitude and celebrates the joy of all the beautiful things in life. This day is celebrated with a grand feast. A scrumptious, Thanksgiving dinner is prepared and is shared among family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. For a classic Thanksgiving feast,

Thanksgiving Recipes For Kids
Thanksgiving Day has been celebrated since 1621 when the Wampanoag Indians and the Colonists of Plymouth shared an autumn harvest. When the Pilgrims had their first successful harvest of corn, they celebrated by inviting their allies; a colony of Native Americans.

Thanksgiving Sandwiches Recipes
Thanksgiving Day is celebrated across various nations, though it is typically an American holiday. On this day, people express their gratitude and appreciate God for the endless blessings and gifts. Houses are decorated to reflect the theme of the harvest season. A grand feast is prepared on this day as a part of the celebrations.

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes
The most popular story of Thanksgiving is that the first Thanksgiving took place in Plymouth in 1621. Abraham Lincoln declared that the fourth Thursday in November would be considered as Thanksgiving Day. The Congress made it an official national holiday in 1941. Thanksgiving is mostly an