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Thanksgiving Day has some longstanding customs and traditions, which are followed to date. Read on to know more about Thanksgiving traditions.

Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is one of the most popular holidays in America and many other parts of the world. People spend this day with their families and socializing with friends. Prayers are offered to God, expressing gratitude for all the good things in life. Presently, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, in US and second Monday of May, in Canada. Thanksgiving traditions have lived since long and are still followed and improvised as well. The entire family gathers together on this day and follows the long held customs and traditions associated with it. Below given is information on the longstanding customs and traditions of Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Customs & Traditions

Many celebrators begin their Thanksgiving by attending church prayer service, held in the morning. The day is a special occasion for the churches as well and they provide excellent services on this religious day. Prayers are also offered before Thanksgiving meal, when the family gathers together and say verses from the bible and reads prayers. Celebrators thank the Almighty for His kindness and the gifts He has bestowed upon them, in the form of friends and family. Some people also do voluntary community work on this day, as a way of paying back.

Preparing a luscious meal and having it with family and friends is a long standing tradition of Thanksgiving. Turkey meat is the main course for the day, which is accompanied by a number of mouth-watering side dishes and desserts. Thanksgiving dinner mainly consists of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, olives, cranberries and a whole variety of individual preferences. Friends are invited over dinner, to share the sumptuous meal and enjoy the festivities together. Thanksgiving payers are offered to the Almighty, before starting the dinner.

Making A Wish
Making a wish on the Thanksgiving dinner table is also one of the traditions that have been sustained over time. Diners vie for the wishbone of the Turkey meat and hold a belief that the wish asked from the Almighty, along with the wishbone, comes true. The tradition is still followed with much enthusiasm in most of the American families and even those in other parts of the world, where Thanksgiving is celebrated. In fact, making a wish on Thanksgiving is a tradition that is very popular among the kids all over the world.

Craft Activities
Children engage themselves in creative activities and employ their artistic skills on Thanksgiving Day, to produce beautiful crafts. They make greeting cards for friends and relatives, themed on the festival. Decoration crafts are also prepared on this day, not just by kids, but also by adults, who put their work of art on display in the house. Wall hangings, thanksgiving wreaths and many other decorative items are made at home and are used to adorn the house. Many people also make centerpieces for the Thanksgiving dinner, at home only.