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Movies add a lot to the festive mood of Thanksgiving. Given in this article are some of the best and the most popular movies for Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Movies

The entire occasion of Thanksgiving is like a rollercoaster ride of endless fun, enjoyment and gala time. People come from far and wide; to spend time with their family and have a blast, playing fun filled activities and games. Houses are decorated with bright lights and colorful decor, presents are exchanged and prayer services are held to honor the occasion. A particular attraction during the festival is the traditional Thanksgiving meal, consisting of a vast array of mouth-watering delicacies like pastries, casseroles and cranberry sauce. A must have during the meal is the traditional roasted turkey, which is served as the main course of the festive dinner. Preparations for this enormous meal start about a week prior to the festival. Such an extensive preparation is made for the dinner that the entire house gets wafted by the aroma of the delicious Thanksgiving dishes.

Once the huge Thanksgiving dinner gets over, people usually tend to relax over a nice cup of coffee or drinks and chill out by watching a nice festive movie. In fact, for many families, this is like the perfect windup of a perfect festive day. A number of movies based on the Thanksgiving occasion have been released over the years and are available commercially. Humorous, romantic, animated, fantasy or thriller - you can pick your own Thanksgiving movie, depending on your taste and choice. This can also be like a way of bonding up between family members and an attempt to get to know each other better. To help you decide your Thanksgiving movie this year, a collection of some of the best and the most famous ones have been given here. Many of them have been box-office hits and you will surely enjoy watching them during the festive time.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ is an animated TV special, which received enormous popularity and recognition in the year 1973, when it was released. And even today, children love to watch this movie, especially on the festive occasion of Thanksgiving.

Hannah And Her Sisters
A 1986 comedy-drama film, ‘Hannah And Her Sisters’ is a complete family entertainer and a must-see, if you truly want a perfect ending to the wonderful Thanksgiving day. The movie is an intertwining story of an extended family that concludes with a family Thanksgiving dinner.

Home For The Holidays
If you are looking for comedy, jest and a lot of drama this Thanksgiving, then the movie ‘Home For The Holidays’ is your best option. Being the second directorial effort of American actor, director and film producer, Jodie Foster, the movie is an adaptation of a short story by Chris Radant, which appeared in a Boston newspaper.

Mouse On The Mayflower
A perfect way to unwind and enjoy the true flavor of the Thanksgiving season is by watching the animated ‘Mouse On The Mayflower’. Very popular with the kids, the movie has received enormous critical acclaim and provides a delightful break from the common rigmarole drama of routine movie scripts.

Planes, Trains And Automobiles
If a good laugh is what you need this Thanksgiving, then all you need is a copy of the popular movie ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’. A renowned American comedy, this movie has been written and directed by John Hughes. Starring in the movie is the popular American actor and comedian, Steve Martin.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. Celebrated primarily to mark the end of the harvest season, Thanksgiving day is the one occasion where family and friends get together to offer thanks to God for all the bounteous gifts in life. American Thanksgiving origins can be traced as early

Funny People
Thanksgiving is an important holiday/festival celebrated to venerate the heavens for the bounteous gifts and generosity in life's blessings. The holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year and is also celebrated as a time for shopping, feasting, activities and glamorous, street parades.

Pieces Of April
Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday/festival wherein families get together, feast on out-of-the-world turkey, play football and indulge in carousing. Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, Thanksgiving Day was set to commemorate all the good things in life, along with thanking the Lord and thanking others who have been helpful,

There have been various legends associated with the origins of Thanksgiving Day, and there is no surety of which legend holds true to the festival we celebrate today. Thanksgiving is closely associated with the legend of a one-time feast holiday that celebrated a particular harvest in the early 1600's. It is said that a group of English colonists

Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated all over the United States and is now being religiously observed and followed all over the world. Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year, Thanksgiving is a holiday/festival that is observed to venerate and thank the Gods for all their blessings in life. On this occasion, families get together,

The Blind Side
Thanksgiving is a 'feel-good' American holiday and is celebrated all around the world with mirth and merriment. There are various legends associated with the origins of this festival, some of the most popular legends, relating to the American colonists and the Wampanoag Native Americans. It is believed that satisfaction is the greatest

The New World
Thanksgiving is a popular American holiday and is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year. There have been various Native American legends concomitant with Thanksgiving. One such popular story is of a Native American Chief's daughter, Pocahontas who fights all odds and helps English settlers survive and establish themselves on Native American soil against her family's wishes. It is said that, in the harsh conditions

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anksgiving is an important day, celebrated to thank the lord for all the bounteous wonders and gifts in life. The origins of this festival go back to the early 17th century when the English settlers took refuge on Native American lands. Although there are various legends associated with this festival, the fable of Native Americans giving up their land and culture for modern amenities