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Know about eating turkeys on thanksgiving, turkey thanksgiving tradition and thanksgiving turkey as table centerpiece.

Eating Turkey on Thanksgiving

While turkey forms a major part of the Thanksgiving celebration today, it is highly unlikely that it was served on the first Thanksgiving feast. Rather, meat of deer and wild fowls have been noted down as a part of the menu for the feast of the Pilgrim colonists in 1621, in their harvest festival and autumn celebration with Native Indians, known as Wampanoags. There are also several other foods that may have been served as the main courses of the feast ,which include lobster, goose, duck, seal, eel and cod. These birds and sea-foods were easily available during that time and thus, were used extensively. There is an interesting story behind how turkeys came to be associated with modern-day Thanksgiving. To know about it, read on.

According to a legend, in the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth of England had participated in a harvest festival. She was having a roasted goose, when she received the news that the Spanish Armada, which had proceeded to attack England, has sunk. She was so pleased that she immediately ordered one more goose for the celebration of the good news. Later, geese became a favorite at the tables, during the harvest time in England. When Pilgrims reached Plymouth in America, they found that wild turkeys were more easily available than the geese and hence, roasted turkey replaced roasted goose in their celebrations. Since then, turkeys have been inevitably used for Thanksgiving feast.

Today, turkey forms the main dish of a Thanksgiving feast and the latter is considered to be simply incomplete without it. There are both fresh and frozen turkeys available today, from which the people can choose the option that fit their dining table. Though both fresh and frozen turkeys taste great, frozen ones are more affordable and easily available. Besides, frozen turkeys remain fresh for a longer period of time. with time, turkeys have become one of the great favorites of people, especially as a part of the Thanksgiving feast. They try to make turkeys even more delicious, by going in for several mouth-watering recipes.

Choosing Best Turkeys
Thanksgiving is celebrated with complete zeal and enthusiasm by people all over the world. Like most of the other festivals, feast forms an integral part of the celebration and turkey forms the main attraction of a Thanksgiving feast. Choosing best turkeys for Thanksgiving is a tactful work and needs experience.

Tips for Buying the Turkey
Thanksgiving feast is the main attraction of the festival and turkey forms the main dish of the day. So, you need to choose the best turkey for your grand Thanksgiving feast. A bad turkey can spoil the entire zeal and enthusiasm of the day. So, never buy a turkey from an unapproved store or from the sellers sitting on the corner of the road.

Tips for Turkey Carving
With the arrival of Thanksgiving, turkeys become the center of attraction. Every family is busy in preparing the best of turkey dishes. Though every individual has his own distinct style of turkey preparation, there are certain typical styles for carving the turkey. In this article, we bring you some easy and simple tips for carving the turkey.

Defrosting & Roasting Turkey
Thanksgiving is a festival primarily observed in United States and Canada. It is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in the month of November in United States, whereas in Canada, it falls on the second Monday of October. Turkey dishes form the main attraction in the Thanksgiving dinner.

Frozen Turkeys for Cooking
When turkeys form the special attraction in the Thanksgiving feast, you are sure to feel confused between the fresh ones and the frozen ones. Fresh turkeys are the ones that are sold within a short time period of their killing, so that they retain their freshness.

Stuffing Turkey Recipe
Turkey recipes are the most sought-after recipes at the time of Thanksgiving dinner. This is because turkey is the main treat of the day. However, there are few things that you should bear in mind, while preparing turkey. Never ever buy the pre-stuffed turkey. Never stuff the turkey before roasting.