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Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Day is the time of the year when friends and family get together to enjoy some quality time together, seek blessings of elders and also express gratitude for a good year harvest. Hence, the festival is also sometimes referred to as the harvest festival. It is the time to prepare festive meals and savor each and every morsel of the food, for it is almost regarded as a fortune to enjoy the delicacies that are unknown to many in the world. However, doing all the cooking for such a large gathering may seem quite overwhelming to many budding cooks, not to mention the patience and hard work it takes to successfully host a holiday event. In this section, we are offering you tips and ideas on how to make all this hosting and cooking more fun and rewarding.

Novice chefs may use some of the ready-made items, though even the accomplished ones like to use the shortcuts when it comes to doing all the preparations in such vast amounts. We are offering you a Thanksgiving Planner and some menu ideas. We will talk about traditional Thanksgiving foods, recipes for a tasty dinner and feast, how to set the table and some quick tips that will cut out much of your work and will help you present your preparations in a more graceful and dainty manner. So, on this Thanksgiving Day, play the Pilgrims and share the best you have to offer, with all your friends and neighbors.

Traditional Food in History
When we talk about Thanksgiving, the traditional celebration feast automatically comes to our mind, in its entire splendor and grandeur. The annual occasion of Thanksgiving is, in fact, considered as a day to feast, celebrate and give thanks. The dinner is usually served in the afternoon.

Pilgrim Meals & Table Manners
The Harvest Feast observed by the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians in the year 1621 is acknowledged as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations. So much renowned is this feast that people consider it as a sign of cooperation and interaction between the English colonists and the Native Americans.

Thanksgiving Planner
Thanksgiving Dinner is not a casual get-together party. You have to be prepared well in advance and any last-minute preparations are not adequate or fit enough for the occasion. Here, we are presenting you with a Thanksgiving planner and checklist to help you with your preparations. This will help you organize your event in a systematic manner and avoid any last minute confusions.

Setting the Thanksgiving Table
Setting the Thanksgiving table is like an art and considered as important as the food itself. Right from the table covers to the dinner-ware, forks and spoons; everything should be placed in a systematic and methodical manner. This will not only aid your guests in enjoying the meal, but will also set the tone for a memorable dining experience.

Thanksgiving Dinner Tips
The festive dinner is the prime attraction of Thanksgiving celebration and reflects the true spirit of the occasion. The large meal is mainly centered on a large roasted turkey. Because of this, Thanksgiving is also sometimes referred to as the Turkey Day or Poultry Day in the colloquial language.

Table Setting Tips and Ideas
One of the major attractions of Thanksgiving celebrations is the festive meal, which is mainly centered on a huge roasted turkey, along with a number of side dishes and desserts. Families start preparing for the big feast weeks in advance and people wait in anticipation for the ‘big day’ to arrive.