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There is a whole range of exciting games and fun activities to do on Thanksgiving Day. Read on to explore Thanksgiving activity ideas.

Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving is an occasion filled with fun and joyous activities. There is so much to do on this day that you can only fall short of time, while still wanting more fun. Different people celebrate Thanksgiving in different ways, but some fun-filled action can make your day truly memorable by adding some jazz to your celebrations. Given below are a variety of exciting activities for Thanksgiving. Read on to find out what all can be done on the festive day, to double the fun and make the most of it.

Thanksgiving Activity Ideas

Thanksgiving Games
There is a whole range of games to be played on Thanksgiving, not just for kids, but for adults as well. Games like Cranberry Spoon Race, in which real cranberries are to be used for a relay race game and the runner has to start all over again if any cranberries fall off the spoon, are real fun. Turkey Hunt, Turkey Toss Game Turkey Strut and Turkey Watch are some other very exciting games for the occasion of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Word Find is another nice game for young children and even adults, where many small words are to be framed out of some big Thanksgiving words, before time runs out.

Thanksgiving Crafts
Making thanksgiving crafts can be a very interesting activity for people who have a creative bent of mind. They can exhibit their artistic skills by making variety of crafts associated with the festival and put them on display in the living room. Children can also be engaged in Thanksgiving craft activities, like Pilgrim and Turkey crafts and they can employ their innovative streak to the hilt. Native Americans and First Nation crafts are also famous on Thanksgiving Day. A lot of craft ideas can also be taken from the Internet, which has a massive database on Thanksgiving crafts for people of all age groups.

Decoration Activities
Decorating your house on the Thanksgiving Day with the rest of your family will make for some great fun, where you can ignite your imagination and use your creativity to deck up your house in the most impressive way. You can make Thanksgiving wreath and other decorative items at home. On Thanksgiving, your home decor should convey a sense of warmth and guests should find it inviting. Homemade items for decorations would be the best be in this regard, as they also give a very cozy and personal feel to the ambience.

Organizing Thanksgiving Gatherings
Like any other festive occasion, Thanksgiving is also celebrated together by a gathering of friends, family members and close ones. You can add more color to the festivity by organizing a Thanksgiving gathering at your home and making it fun by sharing thanksgiving jokes and playing different games with your guests. In fact, if you have invited guests for a Thanksgiving meal, it will be great if you engage them in some interaction using these fun ideas, before everyone sets on to hog on the sumptuous feast.