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Popular thanksgiving books offer you a profound insight into the festival and are fun to read. Read on to know the best books on Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Books

Reading Thanksgiving books is one of the best ways to know to about the festival, its traditions and even how the celebrations and feast ideas came into existence. There are a number of notable books throw a flood of light on the customs and religious significance attached to this day. Young readers in particular have a variety of choice to take their pick from. A lot of funny books on Thanksgiving are also available for children. Even in schools, teachers engage in telling wonderful thanksgiving stories to children, from the books, as the great day approaches. Below listed are some of the best and most popular Thanksgiving Day books, liked by readers of almost all age groups.

Popular Thanksgiving Books

I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Pie
Authored by Alison Jackson, 'I Know an Old lady Who Swallowed a Pie' is a twisted version of the classic 'I Know a Lady Who Swallowed a Fly'. It narrates the funny story of an old lady, who not only swallows a hardened, dry Thanksgiving pie but also hogs on the whole squash, all of the salad and the entire turkey. While the mother and father watch in shock and disbelief, the two kids in the book are absolutely delighted to see the old lady growing fatter and fatter. As the book proceed towards its end, the old lady makes a humorous contribution to the holiday festivities.

Squanto And The Miracle Of Thanksgiving
'Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving' has been written by Eric Metaxas and Shannon Stirnweis. It unfolds a highly gripping and historical story, which establishes that the real hero of Thanksgiving was God and not any white man, or an Indian. The book narrates the story of an Indian boy named Squanto, who was sold into slavery by some English traders. The boy was raised by Christians, who developed his faith in god. Ten years later, Squanto is sent home, only to gather that his village has been wiped off by an epidemic. However, God had different plans for Squanto. He presents him a Thanksgiving miracle, which changes his life forever. All age-groups will be similarly entertained by the heart-rending tale of Squanto.

The Very First Thanksgiving Day
'The Very First Thanksgiving Day' has been authored by Rhonda Gowler Greene, while the illustrations are by Susan Gaber. The book tells us the story of the very first Thanksgiving Day, which was celebrated in the pattern of a cumulative rhyme. The readers are introduced to the most loved and popular national tradition of America. The illustrations by Susan Gaber depict some breathtaking imagery and meticulous details of the American history and the tradition of Thanksgiving Day. The book will certainly be liked by the young and older readers alike.