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Read about Thanksgiving prayers, saying grace for thanksgiving dinner and religious thanksgiving prayer.

Thanksgiving Prayers

On Thanksgiving, it is a tradition to first thank the God and praise Him for his innumerable blessings. According to custom, they offer thanks for their family, spouse, children and health. You may teach your children to appreciate all the good things in their lives and be thankful for them, by holding a family discussion for a few minutes, where each member of the household enumerates things for which they are thankful, and then worship together. After all this, people usually wish 'Happy Thanksgiving' to their family members, relatives and friends.

Some people say grace daily before the meals or give thanks to God in a prayer. Family feast is also organized on this day and gifts are exchanged between near and dear ones. Thanksgiving provides us an opportunity to encourage unity and bonding in the family as all the members may hold hands while saying the grace, thanking and praising God, on this day. Thanksgiving has recently been accepted by Catholics as a holy or religious holiday and some churches hold Mass on this day, as a new Thanksgiving tradition.

For all religions, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect and count all the blessings of the Almighty and be grateful to God for his benign presence in our life. This day gives us an opportunity to praise God and appreciate everything that He has given us and ought to be full of love and thanks. It is customary to say grace and offer thanks to the Lord before the Thanksgiving dinner and feast. Thanksgiving prayers are of different types, including the traditional hymns, Catholic prayers, short prayers and even family prayers. Some of them have been listed in this section as well, just for you!

Catholic Thanksgiving Prayer
On the Thanksgiving Day, Catholics thank the creator of this universe for all the gifts and blessings that He has endowed them with. Family members together read scripture during the Thanksgiving dinner and then, take turns sharing things for which they are most thankful to god.

Family Thanksgiving Prayer
Family thanksgiving payers are offered by the complete family assembled together, to pay tribute to the Holy Lord. Each member of the family expresses gratitude to Almighty for giving him/her a loving family, and a great life. Family members thank god for the understanding, laughter and fun they share with their family, for the happy things they do together and the small joys of life they enjoy with each other.

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer
Thanksgiving is the time when we thank the Almighty for his continuous grace. It is a festive occasion celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy in US, Canada and many other countries. On this occasion, families offer prayers to the great Lord, at churches as well as in homes. Customary Thanksgiving prayers are quite popular before the Thanksgiving feast.

Classic Thanksgiving Day Prayer
The harvest festival of Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November in the United States and on the 2nd Monday of October in Canada, every year. The festival is generally an expression of gratitude and thanks to God, for a good annual harvest and is spent amidst fun, gaiety and merry-making.

Prayer for Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is the time of the year when friends and family members get together to celebrate the harvest season and express gratitude for a good harvest. It is observed by preparing delicacies and mouth-watering dishes. Primarily, the festival is celebrated in Canada and the United States, but with globalization and the recent intermingling of different cultures and traditions

Thanksgiving Day Prayer
What better way to celebrate a festival than by offering prayers and words of thanks to the Almighty. Thanksgiving is the time when people pray and offer thanks to the Lord for His continuous grace. People offer prayers in groups, both in the church and homes.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a festive occasion, which has a deep religious significance attached to it. Families get together on this day and express heart-felt gratitude towards god for bestowing them with all the good things in life. Members of the family also thank each other for always being a pillar of strength and for their immense love.

Thanksgiving is a family festival, which is celebrated with much enthusiasm and joy in many parts of the world, especially the countries of US and Canada. People express gratitude to God on this day, for all the valuable things they posses in life.

We Gather Together
Thanksgiving is an occasion to express heat-felt gratitude towards the Almighty for His favors and all the joy and happiness we experience in life. On this religious day, Thanksgiving celebrators across the world bow their heads in gratitude. While a lot of people offer contemporary prayers, there are many who still celebrate the festival in a more conventional way, by offering the traditional prayers.

We Give Thanks
Expression of gratitude towards God is the hallmark of Thanksgiving celebrations. Celebrators offer prayers to the Almighty, on this day, thanking him for the joys of life and the happiness that has been bestowed on them. The entire family sits together on the dinner table and prays to God. Heartfelt thanks to Lord is conveyed through well-meaning and soulful prayers.