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Thanksgiving is a special occasion where we appreciate all the blessings in our life. On this day, the dinner table is decorated with lovely centerpieces. Check out the centerpiece ideas for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving is an American holiday where families and friends get together to celebrate, admire and thank the lord for all the wonderful things in life. A scrumptious feast is prepared on this day and shared among friends and families. On Thanksgiving Day, people arrange and decorate their houses to make their houses look stunning and attractive. Apart from the traditional roasted turkey, the centerpieces also stand-out at a Thanksgiving dinner table. Once the guests are seated at the Thanksgiving table, they are bound to notice the centerpieces apart from all the good-looking food. Therefore, the dinner table should also be adorned beautifully to make the food look more inviting. So, richly embellish your table with impressive centerpieces that will reflect the mood and theme of Thanksgiving. The Thanksgiving table centerpieces should ideally be decorated to echo the harvest season. There are several centerpiece ideas for Thanksgiving that will surely amaze your family and guests. Read on to find out the different Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas that will captivate everyone's attention!

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Candles are excellent centerpieces that not only brighten the dining room, but also create a soft ambience that will help set the mood for Thanksgiving. You can decorate small glass jars with candles and autumn leaves. There are also festive candles, available in a variety of shapes/forms that complement the theme of Thanksgiving. Not only are candles great centerpieces, but they also look very interesting and pleasing. Try keeping candles that resemble pumpkins, acorns, apples, oak leaves, corks and pine cones on the Thanksgiving table this year.

Flowers will enliven the house with their natural beauty and fragrance. Gorgeous flowers, when set on the table, will look attractive and welcoming. Arrange the flowers in such a way, that it does not consume too much of space. Choose flowers with pleasing colours that suits the style and setting of the room. You can arrange the flowers in a conventional vase to augment the feel and spirit of Thanksgiving. Use herbs, branches and even artificial/natural leaves to match the flower arrangement. Thanksgiving flowers are perfect additions to the dining table.

A Thanksgiving dinner is incomplete without fruits. On Thanksgiving, we appreciate God's plentiful fruits in the harvest season. So, make use of the fruits of the season by displaying them in ornate baskets, glass bowls, beautifully patterned platters or on pedestals. You can present fresh fruits in an assortment of colours that will surely look unique as a centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table. Fruits like berries, figs, oranges, cherries, bananas, pears, pumpkins, and red and green apples, can be kept as a part of the centerpiece bowl at the dinner table.

Natural Decoration
What best centerpieces can represent the theme of the harvest season other than nature's very own gifts? Decorate your dinner table with natures finest, using articles like pine cones, twigs, branches, autumn leaves and oak leaves. You can first pile pine cones and acorns in to a large glass bowl or a tray, and then add in the fall leaves and twigs around the pine cones. You can also swirl vines around the arrangements as an added, natural element. Add more color if you like, with nuts, gourds, cranberries, cherries and pumpkins to encapsulate the spirit of Thanksgiving.

A cornucopia, otherwise known as the 'horn of plenty', is a symbol of abundance and is a traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece, used to display prosperity and wealth. Traditionally, it is shaped like a large, curved goat horn and is usually represented with other overflowing fruits and grains. Ideally associated with the harvest season, Cornucopias are exclusive centerpieces that depict the spirit and joys of Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is a special day to thank the Lord for every small, big or beautiful element in your life. These are just some of the many centerpiece ideas for Thanksgiving. You can try innovative centerpiece ideas of your own. Make this Thanksgiving a memorable one by decorating your table with attractive centerpieces!