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Easter Recipes

Scrumptious recipes are an integral part of any festive celebration. Easter is no exception. After a long observation of Lent, people feel they have earned the right to gorge on a horde of delightful Easter recipes. On the occasion of Easter, thus feasting becomes a vital part of the celebrations. Various kinds of recipes are made on this occasion. Apart from some traditional recipes, most of the people prefer to experiment with the dishes in order to make the Easter party more delightful. Though you can easily get all kinds of luscious meals from the market, making them has its own fun.

Traditional recipes like chocolate bunny cakes to baked chicken, from peanut butter cookies to Greek lamb are always on the top charts. Market is flooded with the demands of chocolate bunnies and smoked lamb in the Easter season. However, you can also find some other traditional regional recipe depending upon the regional food habits of the people. Food connoisseurs can choose from a vast array of Easter recipes to satiate their taste buds. If you are also looking for some interesting Easter dishes, here is the list of few sumptuous ones. These Easter recipes are easy to make and scrumptious.

Special Bunny Cookies
Bunnies and Easter have a deep connection. Be it an Easter craft, Easter Game, Easter folklores or Easter recipes, you will find bunnies everywhere. Special Bunny Cookies is one such interesting recipe that is meant to enhance the feel of Easter. Extremely delicious to taste and interesting to look at, it is a traditional Easter recipe, that you find in every Christian home on the Easter day.

Chocolate Easter Eggs
Chocolate Easter egg is an extremely scrumptious Easter recipe and to your utter surprise does not include egg as one of its ingredient! It is simply named so, because of its shape. So, even those who are purely vegetarian can relish on this luscious item. Though the entire process of making this recipe is a little lengthy and tough, you will not be able to resist making it again, if you once taste it.

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs are vital traditions of the Easter celebrations across the world. Beautifully decorated Easter eggs are embellished in the homes and also gifted as a token of hope and auspiciousness. Easter eggs are also a wonderful traditional recipe for the Easter celebrations and unlike their decorative counterpart they do not actually contain egg.

Easter Ham
Easter Ham is a traditional Easter recipe made by using fully cooked smoked ham shank along with other spices, vinegar and maple syrup. It is a real delight for those who love red meats. Extremely luscious to taste and not so difficult to make, Easter Ham is one recipe that you find in almost all the Christian home on the occasion of Easter celebrations.

Easter Desserts
Easter is one of the most popular Christian festivals. It is marked by joyous celebrations and grand feasting. On this occasion, people of Christian community throughout the world commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Several kinds of recipes are prepared in every Christian home. One of the most vital ingredients of the Easter dinner menu is the Easter desserts.

Easter Lunch
Easter is celebrated by Christians throughout the world with immense joy and fervor in order to commemorate the holy resurrection of Jesus. This festival is marked by the grand celebrations and feasting. Easter Lunch is always a wonderful occasion to share the joy of the festival with family or with friends. Generally, wonderful traditional recipes are prepared for the Easter Lunch in most of the families.