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Easter Poems

Easter is an important Christian festival which is celebrated with great joy and fervor amongst the Christian community throughout the world. Celebrated in order to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, this festival also holds in itself a holy message for the followers of the religion that God is the supreme power and he is beyond the life and death cycle of earth. This day is considered to be extremely holy and festive. On this occasion, Christians all over the world participate in merry making and feasting in order to express their happiness.

As this festival holds a great importance amongst the Christian community, several folklores are also popular about this festival. Many of the poets have also written about this festival. Easter poems basically encapsulate the festive essence of the Easter festival. Easter's poetry lyrics are meaningful and appeal to kids and elders alike. There are different kinds of Easter poems like for prayer purpose, there are rhyming hymns and for kids there are Easter bunny poems. The prayers poems are used in church while the kids' poems are meant to acquaint Children with the Easter traditions. You can go through some of these interesting poems in our related section.

An Easter Blessing
Easter is one of the major Christian festivals. It is celebrated with great joy and fervor amongst the Christian community throughout the world. This is a celebration in order to honor the resurrection of Jesus after the crucifixion. As this festival is held with great regard in the Christian community, several notable poets have written beautiful poems about this festival.

Chocolate Rabbit
Bunnies or Rabbits are synonymous with the Easter celebrations. Be it an Easter craft, Easter ornaments, Easter masks, Easter games or Easter cake, you will find bunnies everywhere. There are also interesting stories and poems about these Easter bunnies.

Easter Bunny
Easter and bunnies are synonymous with ach other. So, there are several poems and folklores that relate both of them. One such poem is the 'Easter Bunny'. The poem 'Easter Bunny' by Mary Brandolino narrates the travails of an Easter bunny that fell out of favor with his owners. When the bunny was brought from the store on the eve of Easter, he was pampered by the entire household and received the best possible care.

Easter Comes But Once a Year
Several Easter folklores and poems are meant to make the kids understand the deep sited meaning and spirit of this holy occasion. One such poem is 'Easter Comes But Once a Year' by JS Bach. This poem narrates how a bunch of children enjoy the festival of Easter.

Easter Holiday
Easter is a wonderful festival which is celebrated in order to commemorate the resurrection of Lord Jesus. This festival is considered very holy and auspicious as it does not only strengthen the faith of humans over God and goodwill but also stands as an epitome of hope. It is an occasion to thanks Jesus for whatever he has blessed us with. Easter Holiday, a popular Easter poem pays tribute to Lord Jesus Christ for all the joy and merriment the festival of Easter brings along.

Easter Reflections
The poem 'Easter Reflections' by Helen Steiner Rice portrays the author's musings on the splendor of Easter festival. We glance around and we are enthralled by the mesmerizing beauty of the spring season. Chirping birds tell us about the arrival of spring while golden daffodils spread their fragrance all around. But amid all the merriment, it is through our heart and soul that we can reach out to the almighty and receive his blessings.

Funny Bunny
The poem 'Funny Bunny' by Grandpa Tucker depicts the story of a bunny called Easter. In her enthusiasm to act funny, Easter made a mess of her comedy act when she dropped the eggs that she was juggling and they all got smashed. Even though Easter contemplated changing her name after this fiasco, later on she decided to persist and became famous as Easter Bunny.

Meeting the Easter Bunny
Bunnies and colorful eggs are so synonymous with Easter that you can't imagine Easter celebrations without them. Apart from being predominantly visible in the ambience of the Easter party, they also register their presence in every alternate Easter poem or tale. One such poem is 'Meeting the Easter Bunny'. This peom by Rowena Bennett describes an encounter with the Easter Bunny.

Some Things That Easter Brings
Easter is a festival of gaiety and fervor. The poem 'Some Things That Easter Brings' by Elsie Parrish narrates these goodies associated with Easter. Easter always brings a host of delightful goodies ranging from Easter eggs to Easter chicks. It is a short and sweet poem that expresses the joy and fervor we feel during the Easter season.