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Easter Celebration

The dichotomous nature of Easter is reflected in the celebration of the festival. On one hand, the festival is a tribute to the Resurrection of Jesus while on the other, celebration of Easter heralds the advent of the spring season. Religious observations in churches, exchange of gifts, making flower bonnets and Easter eggs mark the celebrations of the spring festival. The forty-six-day Lenten season precedes the Easter celebrations. The Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter. The last week of Lent is said to be the Holy Week and begins with the observance of 'Palm Sunday'. The Palm Sunday is so called, because on this day, Lord Jesus Christ succeeded in entering Jerusalem, where the crowds grandly greeted him by laying palms at his feet.

The holy week consists of many important events that lead up to Easter. The Holy Thursday commemorates the Last Supper, when the Christ prophesized his end and his resurrection and distributed bread and wine as his flesh and blood, respectively. The auspicious day of Good Friday commemorates the day of Crucifixion of Christ, and the Holy Week culminates with Easter Sunday, which is celebrated as the day of Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Apart from its religious significance, Easter has been regarded as the glorious occasion, which relieves people of the chilly winter and brings with it, the season of bloom - spring.

Easter Cards
In today's time, when people find themselves hard-pressed to spend quality time with near and dear ones, exchange of greeting cards becomes a convenient tool to connect to their loved ones. They consider special occasions and popular festivals as the opportunity to send greeting cards to convey their blessings and wishes to their loved ones.

Easter Flowers
The festival of Easter heralds the advent of spring. Mother Nature blooms with the myriad hues of gorgeous spring flowers. After the gloom of the cold winter months, it is time to welcome back the tulips, crocuses, daffodils, and white lilies in all their pristine elegance. Thus, in tune with the spring festivity, people exchange Easter flower bouquets and the church altars are decorated with Easter flowers.

Easter Humor
The festival of Easter is all about merriment and gaiety. Apart from commemorating the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, the festival gives the people a chance to connect to their friends, relatives and spend quality time with their kids. If you want to spice up your celebrations, then do it with a little bit of Easter humor. Most of the Easter jokes tickle our funny bones, and quite often do so at the expense of the humble Easter bunny.

Easter Movies
During the fun-filled Easter weekend, one can enjoy a nice movie with his family. Although one may not come across specific Easter movies, a good number of mainstream and animated movies have dabbled with the theme of the festival. While some movies have highlighted the spiritual aspect of the festival, others have focused on the fun and merriment associated with it.

Easter Quotes
When Easter comes calling, one often finds Easter quotes splashed across different publications. These Easter quotations relate to varied aspects of this unique festival and leave an indelible imprint on one's mind with their sheer beauty. During the Easter festivity, Easter quotes are exchanged through Easter cards and mobile SMS.

Easter Activities
Easter carnival is the eagerly anticipated for its sheer enthusiasm and coltish spirit. Merry-making and boisterous festivities are the hallmark of this gala event. The essence of this fiesta is the sportive spirit of people, which calls for some unrestrained fun through games and other traditional practices undertaken by the merry-makers.

Easter Blessings
Easter euphoria is marked by a tender exchange of wishes and blessings. Blessings come straight from the heart and therefore, should sound sincere. Just a few heartfelt words can convey the most well-meaning Easter blessings. The choice of perfect words, thus, is of supreme importance to articulate oneself in the best possible way.

Easter Clip Art
The Christian festival of Easter is observed with great enthusiasm, by people across the length and breadth of the world, wherever Christianity is followed. For them, it is the time to show their immense devotion to Lord Jesus Christ and spend quality time with their loves ones. Fasting, feasting, playing games, taking part in fun filled activities

Easter Fast
Easter is one of the most popular Christmas festivals. It is celebrated in order to commemorate the holy resurrection of Jesus Christ. On this occasion, people of Christian community all over the world celebrate to express their joy and fervor. On Easter Sunday, the day begins with church services, prayers and hymns and wrap up with feasting and celebration.

Easter Feast
The occasion of Easter is very auspicious and holy. It was on this day that the Jesus Christ resurrected after crucifixion. This day is thus celebrated as a day of hope and happiness. Easter is celebrated in almost all parts of the world where the people of Christian community reside.

Easter Hymns
Easter Hymns are basically those Easter songs which are sung during the Easter prayers in order to remember and thank the almighty for this life and his blessings. Most of the present day Easter hymns, radiant in their simplicity, have been written after being inspired from the ancient Easter songs.

Easter Jokes
Easter is one of the most wonderful Christian festivals celebrated with a lot of gaiety throughout the world. On the occasion of Easter, people of Christian community throughout the world engage in merry making and feasting. Grand get-together is organized at many places to celebrate the festivity of this occasion.

Easter Greetings
Greetings and good wishes are a popular, rather indispensable part of any festivity and the same holds true for Easter. Celebrators desire to give the best greetings and stand out with the most impressive wishes. Even as fun and frolic is at the heart of Easter celebrations, words convey a deeper meaning and so, are relied upon for a genuine exchange of wishes.

Easter Prayers
The Christian festival of Easter is celebrated with religious fervor across the world. The ceremonious occasion commemorates the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, three days after the very agonizing crucifixion. Special services are conducted in churches, where people chant hymns and prayers, in the praise of Christ.

Easter Rituals
Easter is one of the important festivals for the Christians. It is a very special occasion, wherein people engage themselves in a number of religious as well as fun filled activities. The Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, which the festival stands for, is observed in a number of ways. Many rituals and traditions are associated with the celebration of the festival.

Easter SMS
Easter is synonymous with celebrations, fun, joy, conviviality and jubilation. The annual fiesta is eagerly awaited by almost all the Christians across the globe. It manifests the resurrection of Jesus post his crucification. Like every festival, Easter too is marked by a flurry of text messages, exchanged between family members

Easter Verses
Easter is one of the important Christian festivals, observed with fun and religious fervor by people following Christianity. In many parts of the world, special church services are organized throughout the holiday season of Easter. For instance, in Greece, it is a fifty-day event, while the festivities are confined to two days, in Hungary. The traditions also vary from region to region, depending upon the lifestyle and culture.

Easter Wishes
During the joyful event of Easter, people sing songs, prayers, chant hymns in the praise of Lord Jesus Christ and commemorate the Resurrection of the Almighty, by participating in a number of religious as well as fun filled activities. While it is the time to have family get together, some people miss such gatherings, largely because of their busy life or the geographical distance from their loved ones.