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Read on to know about Easter bunny cookie recipes. Find out receipes of Easter cookies.

Easter Cookie Recipes

Easter is one of the most important Christian festivals. It is celebrated with great gaiety and is held in high regard by the Christian community throughout the world. It is celebrated with lots of pomp and show. Every Christian home on this occasion is decorated and party and feasting form a vital part of the Easter celebrations. On this occasion, several traditional and non-traditional recipes are prepared and people relish on this scrumptious items. Easter cookie recipes blend perfectly with Easter festivities. Easter cookies are extremely popular among kids as well as adults.

Though one can always buy cookies from any store during Easter season, making something has its own fun. During Easter, TV cooking shows and magazines devote a lot attention to the preparation of delightful Easter cookies. One can take one's pick from a vast array of mouthwatering cookie recipes comprising different kinds of cookies like gingerbread Easter bunny cookies, meringue kisses for Easter, Easter dream bar cookies and Apricot Squares for Easter etc. Here is a list of Easter cookie recipes that you can easily make and serve your guests on this occasion. You simply need to follow the instructions given in the recipe and you will end up making delighting Easter cookies.

Apricot Squares Cookie Recipe
Easter is known for its grand celebration and delightful feasting. There are several kinds of traditional recipes prepared on this occasion. The menu ranges from smoked lamb to chocolate eggs. Cookies are one of the vital things on the Easter menu in any Christian home. Children fancy these cookies a lot. Therefore, several kinds of cookies are prepared on this occasion.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe
Cookies are the specialty of Easter season. Though you can buy these cookies from anywhere during the Easter celebrations, making it on your own is a very delightful activity. As making cookies is not a very difficult task, you can always try your hands at making one. Though there are varieties of Easter special cookies that you can make, the best one is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.

Easter Dream Bar Cookie Recipe
Cookies are synonymous with the Easter celebrations. It is almost a tradition to prepare various kinds of cookies on the occasion of Easter. Cookies also form an important item of the Easter gift basket. Making any kind of cookie doesn't require extraordinary culinary skills, so you can easily try making one. One of the most loved Easter cookies is the Easter Dream Bar Cookie.

Gingerbread Bunny Recipe
Varieties of cookies are prepared on the occasion of Easter in any Christian home. They are actually one of the traditional Easter recipes that are also gifted as a part of Easter baskets on this occasion. Gingerbread Easter Bunny Cookie is one of the most popular Easter cookie recipes. It is made using margarine, dark molasses and ginger. It is loved by people of all age group.

Jelly Bean Biscotti Cookie Recipe
Cookies are one of the most popularly prepared Easter recipes. On the occasion of Easter, varieties of Easter special cookies are prepared in every Christian home. Jelly Bean Biscotti Cookie Recipe is one of the most popular Easter special cookies. It is extremely scrumptious. Made of Jelly beans and vanilla, it is also one of the most popular Easter cookies too.

Jelly Bean Nest Cookie Recipe
Making cookies on the Easter festival is almost like an unsaid ritual. Cookies are also included in the Easter gift baskets along with other vital Easter items. There are so many varieties of Easter special cookies that it is difficult to decide which one is the best; however one thing is for sure that the Jelly Bean Nest Cookies are one of the most popular Easter recipes.

Meringue Kisses Cookie Recipe
Easter cookies have now become synonymous with the festival of Easter. Umpteen varieties of Easter special cookies are made on this occasion in almost all the Christian homes around the globe. One of the most scrumptious of these Easter special cookies is the Meringue Kisses Cookie. Very much like its name, it is lip-smacking cookie made up chocolate chips, vanilla and various other tasty items.

Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe
One can't even imagine Easter feast and Easter gift baskets without cookies. Though there are umpteen varieties of Easter cookies available in market around the Easter season, preparing cookies for your loved ones with your own hand has a different charm. One of the most scrumptious yet easy Easter special cookies that you can make is the Peanut Butter Cookie.