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Read on to know about Easter bunny cake recipes. Find out receipes of Easter cakes.

Easter Cake Recipes

For ages, cakes have been a culinary delight, since they are easy to make and are delicious. It is hard to find people who do not like to relish on melt-in-the-mouth cakes. This is the reason, why cake recipes figure prominently in any festive celebration. Preparation of a wide variety of cakes for Christian festivals has evolved as a tradition, which has been followed since time unknown. During Easter, one of the important Christian festivals, lip smacking cakes are prepared at every Christian household, as the dessert symbolizes the sweetness of the occasion.

Confectionary shops cash in a lot of money during the festive season, thanks to the sale of yummy Easter cakes. The conception of Easter cakes is different in different parts of the world. As a part of Easter feast, people in Eastern Europe relish the taste of skirt shape Easter cake called 'babka', which means little old woman. In Italy, the Easter cakes usually acquire the shape of a bunny rabbit, the most prominent symbol associated with the festival. While in other countries, Easter cakes can be spotted in the shape of lamb. Go through our related section and get some easy recipes for Easter cakes.

Angel Food Cake Recipe
The holiday season of Easter is all about dedicating the days to the worship of Lord Jesus Christ, spending quality time with loved ones and having a lot of fun. On the wonderful occasion, people prepare a number of lip smacking delicacies, to celebrate the festival, which observes the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, three days after Crucifixion.

Apple Easter Cake Recipe
Easter is an important Christian festival, celebrated with great fanfare by people following Christianity, all over the world. On the day, special prayers are arranged at churches, to worship the Almighty. The Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, which the day commemorates, is honored by a number of ways, out of which feasting is prominent.

Easter Bunny Cake Recipe
A number of symbols and icons are related to the celebrations of Easter, a prominent Christian festival. The popular symbols of the festival are Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, Easter lamb, Easter Cross, Hot Cross Bun and white lily. Out of all, Easter Bunny stands as the prominent symbol, because it is closely related both to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and to the spring season.

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Cakes find prominent place in the menu of feasts, prepared for festivals including Easter. On Easter, people make it a point that they serve lip smacking delicacies to their loved ones, because the festival is one of the auspicious occasions, awaited eagerly. While a wide variety of cakes is readily available in the bakery shops on the festive season, it is believed that the real melt-in-the-mouth taste is found only in granny or mother's recipe.

Daffodil Easter Cake Recipe
The prominent Christian festivals, including Easter, are dedicated to the worship of Lord Jesus Christ. After attending the church services in the morning, people would return to their homes to celebrate Easter with their loved ones. The rest of the day is made interesting by organizing fun activities, games and competitions. Feasting also finds a prominent position in the celebrations of the festival.

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The Christian festival of Easter brings with it the freshness of spring season. The celebrations of the festival are marked by singing songs, playing games and of course, feasting. During the festive season, the female members of every Christian household would prepare some mouthwatering delicacies for their loved ones. Cake forms an important part of the menu.

Easter Lamb Cake Recipe
Easter lamb is one of the popular symbols of Easter. It symbolizes the victory of good over the evil, when Lord Jesus Christ resurrected three days after his crucifixion. The animal is closely connected to the Almighty, as he is often referred to as the 'Lamb of God'. During the festive season of Easter, Christian people hang pictures of the Easter lamb, which is draped with a flag of victory.

Lamb Mold Cake Recipe
Easter is all about having fun with loved ones and dedicating the day in the remembrance of Lord Jesus Christ. On the day, people indulge in playing Easter bunny games; decorate their home with blooming spring flowers and feast on lip smacking delicacies. When it comes to Easter recipes, the delicious cakes made for the festival are worth special mention. Over the years, people have come up with a wide variety of cakes, which are not only different in their flavor, but also vary in their shape.

Marshmallow Peeps Cupcakes
Although Easter is a typical Christian religious festival, people love to party with their loved ones. After all, the festival is all about spreading good cheers and celebrating life. Partying has become customary among the Christian households, especially during the festive season. When it comes to parties, scrumptious food cannot be ruled out. In case you want to throw an Easter party for your loved ones, then make it a point that you serve them lip smacking delicacies.

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On the festival of Easter, every Christian household is occupied with people, who gather to celebrate the occasion with fun and fervor. It is the time to welcome the refreshing spring season and commemorate the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. The festivities are marked by feasting, games and fun activities. When it comes to feast, people prepare dinner or lunch, when traditional Easter recipes are served.