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Easter Games

The festival of Easter is observed with religious fervor by Christians all over the world. The ceremonious occasion commemorates the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, three days after crucifixion. There is a wide variety in the traditions followed during the festive season. In some parts of the world, the festival is all about dedicating the day to the worship of the Almighty. People attend special church services and offer prayers to the lord. On the other hand, it is a fun filled holiday season for many people. All the members of a family gather to celebrate it with fun and fervor. Playing games is a part of the merrymaking.

Easter games are an integral part of any Easter party. The Easter party games blend nicely with the fun and merriment associated with the festival. Most of the Easter games are based on Easter eggs and are meant for kids. Easter games, such as Egg Cracking, have been played in Eastern European countries as part of folk customs. In the U.S., the annual White House Easter egg hunt attracts a huge number of young children and is a major tourist attraction. To know more about Easter games and get some nice ideas for the same, go through our related section.

Easter Charade
The festive season of Easter is much awaited by children, as it is a time when they get to play a number of games. Since the festival is all about fun, parents and elderly members of the family can also indulge themselves in playing fun games. Since time unknown, charades have featured in almost every party and festival, and Easter is no exception.

Easter Egg Hunt
Easter is a wonderful occasion to have fun with kids. Hiding the beautifully decorated Easter eggs in the home's premises is a tradition followed since ages. According to the legends, the Easter Bunny hides all the eggs, which is in turn searched by the kids.

Easter Egg Cracking
The festival of Easter is celebrated with great enthusiasm by Christians all over the world. The occasion commemorates the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ. Apart from following the rituals for the festival, people celebrate the occasion by having a lot of fun with their near and dear. Playing games by making use of Easter eggs is a good old tradition.

Guess the Number of Eggs
On the day, when Lord Jesus Christ was resurrected, people rejoiced the occasion and called it Easter. Over the years, the festival has become one of the prominent Christian festivals and celebrated by great fanfare by people across the globe. When Easter is round the corner, people would clean their home, premises and decorate them with beautiful spring flowers.

Match the Eggs
Playing with Easter eggs became a tradition many centuries ago. Well before the ancient period, Easter egg found its place in the folklore and superstitions of many cultures. It was viewed as the symbol of rebirth by ancient Romans, Chinese and Egyptians. In the medieval period, the tradition of coloring eggs took the shape of a renowned art, when English kings dispersed hundreds of decorated gold-leaf eggs throughout their royal household, during the festival of Easter.

Says So Easter Bunny
A number of legends are connected to the celebration of the Christian festival of Easter. Easter Bunny, a anthropomorphic rabbit, is perhaps the most popular legendary character of the festival. As per the stories, the Easter Bunny brings basket full of colorful eggs, to symbolize the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, on Easter. Therefore, decorating eggs and playing with it has become one of the traditions of the festival.