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Read to know about songs on Easter. Check out some popular Easter hymns

Easter Songs

Easter songs are an integral part of Easter festivities. Easter songs can be categorized into two types - humorous that appeal to kids and religious. Some Easter songs truly capture the festive spirit of the spring season. Humorous Easter songs, which incorporate traditional Easter symbols such as Easter bunny and eggs, are a big hit among young children. On the other hand, religious Easter hymns pay tribute to the sacrifice made by Lord Jesus Christ for humanity. Whatever the theme is, the Easter songs carry the real essence of the festival and communicate to the Christians that Jesus Christ is everywhere.

On Easter morning, churches reverberate with Easter hymns, commemorating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. During Easter, compilation CDs of famous songs on Easter literally flies off the shelves of music stores. Apart from the music stores in town, the virtual world of internet provides the opportunity of free downloading of Easter songs. You can make a collection of your favorite Easter songs, without burning a hole in your pocket. You can also get lyrics for popular Easter songs, in case you are do not know the wordings of the songs clearly. Check out our related section to get the lyrics of some of the famous Easter songs.

Christ Is Risen!
Easter is commemorated with religious fervor by Christians across the world. While the festival is largely an occasion for having a lot of fun with family and friends, it calls for religious celebrations as well. People gather at special church services, sing songs and chant hymns in the praise of Lord Jesus Christ, on Easter. The song 'Christ Is Risen!' by Brian Wren celebrates Christ's return to life.

Easter Bunny
Easter bunny is one of the popular symbols of the festival of Easter. It is believed that the legendary character brings a basket filled with colorful Easter eggs, toys and chocolates for children, on the night before Easter. Since it is a very popular symbol, it is chosen as the theme for a number of games and even recipes. Songs are written, depicting the story of the cute bunny.

Easter Parade
One of the important Christian festivals, Easter, brings with it the freshness of spring season. The celebrations are marked by colorful decoration of the homes and premises, games, party, feasting and having a lot of fun. The festival becomes even more special, when romance is in the air. If you want to make the occasion a special one for your significant half, then dedicate a poem or a song to him/her. The Easter song 'Easter Parade' would be the best bet.

He Arose
Easter is celebrated with religious fervor, as it is one of the prominent Christian festivals. The festival commemorates the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, three days after he was crucified. For Christians, the festival symbolizes the victory of good over the evil. It honors the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ for humanity. To commemorate the Almighty, people sing songs and chant hymns on Easter.

He Lives on High
On the festival of Easter, people praise Lord Jesus Christ for all the sacrifices that he had done for humanity. Jesus Christ resurrected three days after undergoing the agonizing crucifixion, to symbolize the victory of goodness over the evil. Christians dedicate the day to the devotion of the Almighty. For the purpose, they sing songs, chant hymns and prayers. The song 'He Lives on High' by Baylus B. McKinney offers paeans to Jesus Christ.

Nothing but the Blood
Easter, one of the ceremonious occasions, finds a special place in the calendar of events. Year by year, people following Christianity celebrate Easter with great gusto. Since Easter is a spring festival in the Northern Hemisphere, it is as colorful and vibrant as the season. Beautiful spring flowers are used to decorate the altar in the churches, where people sing songs and chant hymns in the praise of the lord.

Peter Cottontail
On Easter, some play Easter bunny games, while others organize fancy dress competitions wherein people clad themselves with costume of cute bunnies. If you want to do something different this time, sing an Easter bunny song and amuse your loved ones. The song 'Peter Cottontail', would serve the purpose.