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The Blind side is an inspirational, Thanksgiving film about a boy called Michael Oher who is adopted by Leigh Anne Tuohy. Read on to learn more about the lessons of Thanksgiving from 'The Blind Side'.

The Blind Side

Thanksgiving is a 'feel-good' American holiday and is celebrated all around the world with mirth and merriment. There are various legends associated with the origins of this festival, some of the most popular legends, relating to the American colonists and the Wampanoag Native Americans. It is believed that satisfaction is the greatest happiness in life and the day was made to commemorate and thank all those who have brought happiness in our lives, however small or big it may be. Historically, Thanksgiving is celebrated to remember the sacrifices the Native Americans made, who gave up their land and culture for America, to become what it is today. In 2009, the film, 'The Blind Side' encapsulated the spirit of Thanksgiving and narrated a similar story to that of the Native Americans; where a mother was willing to forego her primary duties for a teenager homeless boy, so that would succeed in life. Read on.

Movie Synopsis
The Blind Side is based on the true story of a woman named Leigh Anne, who decides to adopt a talented, homeless African-American teenager called Michael Oher. The Blind Side is a brilliant, realistic chronicle that captures the attention of the audience with its soulful, stoic plot and touching, almost, too-good-to-be-true characters. The story revolves around Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) and Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron), who happened to meet by chance, and what happens next, is a corkscrew of heavy decisions, emotions, unconditional generosity and love. When Leigh Tuohy and her husband Sean (Tim McGraw) find a 17 year old teenager shivering on the streets, the couple offers the young African-American boy shelter for a night. Little did they know that, one night of hospitality would turn into a lifelong, unbreakable bond between the characters. The Tuohy's are a typical suburban family, who give this young boy a second chance at life. The couple decides to adopt Michael, even though they have biological children of their own. The homeless teen, grows into a mature, talented athlete, only to become the first pick at the NFL Draft. This real-life story is much more than just adopting a homeless teenager. It portrays the relationship shared between Michael and his new mother, Leigh and how she guides him with her strong heart and strong will. The Tuohy's leave no stone unturned to make the new member feel comfortable, and support Michael all the way, till he is picked to play for the Baltimore Ravens.

The Blind Side And Thanksgiving
The first weekend that Michael spends with the Tuohy's is the Thanksgiving weekend. The Tuohy's are a typical football-loving family who prefer to lounge on their sofas, sit in front of two television sets, and watch football, with turkey dinner bought from outside. The scene opens with Michael, a boy who has been homeless and longing for a family all his life, going straight into the dining table for Thanksgiving, giving the audiences a feeling that eating a turkey dinner at the table with family is what he has been longing all his life. Although the movie doesn't portray this deep emotion overtly, audiences are bound to understand. As expected, Leigh (Sandra Bullock) realizes this reaction, turns off the television set and moves to the dining table with the family to enjoy the scrumptious turkey dinner as a 'family'.

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and the importance of family. The movie teaches audiences a lot about life. For example, Michael's gratitude can be seen from his performance in his football team, by making his new parents feel proud about his achievements. He is forever grateful to his new family for taking him in, despite being from a different background and at a time when no one wanted him. The movie clearly depicts that Thanksgiving does not necessarily have to be only about sitting with the family and enjoying a turkey dinner. The movie teaches audiences a lot more on the basis of 'gratitude', 'love', 'giving', 'trust', 'support' and above all, 'family time'.

While 'The Blind Side' may be high on emotions and realistic drama, the movie is a great example of what we should cherish the most in life, apart from being thankful for everything our families have done for us. The movie is an ideal Thanksgiving watch, so, make sure you play this for your family and watch it with them, and take back unforgettable and important Thanksgiving lessons from it.