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'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' is a great animated movie based on Thanksgiving. Read on to know the story & summary of this wonderful flick.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' is an animated TV special, which received enormous popularity and recognition in the year 1973, when it was released. And even today, children love to watch this movie, especially on the festive occasion of Thanksgiving. What attracts the most attention in this flick is the underlying humor and wit incorporated by the writer Charles M Schulz. With an average running time of 30 minutes, the movie has received enormous critical acclaim and was also awarded the Emmy in the year 1974. Read on to explore the story and summary of this Thanksgiving special movie.

Released on the 20th November 1973, 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' is a brief description of the festive Thanksgiving celebration in Peanuts land. The opening scene brings us across Lucy, who is tempting Charlie Brown to a game of football and asks him to kick the ball that she is holding. She even tells him that it is an honor as well as a tradition to kick the football on the occasion of Thanksgiving. However, on attempting to kick the ball, Charlie Brown gets deceived by Lucy and ends up falling flat on his back once again.

Charlie Brown and his sister Sally get ready to attend the Thanksgiving dinner at their grandmother's house, when all of a sudden; he gets a call from his friend Peppermint Patty, who is noted for her persistent habits of misunderstanding ideas and situations. She invites herself to Charlie Brown's house for the festive dinner, along with two more friends, Marcie and Franklin. Finding himself in the midst of a dilemma, Charlie asks advice from his friend Linus, who is also the brother of Lucy. Linus suggests him to go for two festive meals - one at home and the other at his grandmother's place.

Charlie starts Thanksgiving preparations, with the help of Linus, Snoopy and Woodstock. Finally, when the guests arrive, all that Charlie had to offer them is two slices of buttered toast, some popcorn, pretzel sticks and a few jelly beans. Seeing this, Patty gets shocked and in an outrage, berates Charlie Brown from the meal. Patty's outbursts continue until Marcie timidly reminds her that it was she who invited herself to the get-together and not the other way round. When Patty realizes her mistake, she apologizes to Charlie Brown and asks for his forgiveness.

In the midst of all these confusions, Charlie almost forgets about the invitation to his grandmother's house. He then calls her up and tells her that they are going to be a little late because of the confusions that happened with his friends. On hearing this, his grandmother suggests that he bring all his friends along. This idea is warmly welcomed by all his friends. Once all of them leave for the dinner, Snoopy and Woodstock returns back to the dog house and enjoy their own Thanksgiving meal, complete with pumpkin pies and casseroles.