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Tadpole is not the unconventional Thanksgiving classic. Read on to know more about this twisted take to Thanksgiving in the movie, 'Tadpole', which released in 2002.


Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated all over the United States and is now being religiously observed and followed all over the world. Celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year, Thanksgiving is a holiday/festival that is observed to venerate and thank the Gods for all their blessings in life. On this occasion, families get together, feast on delicious food, indulge in high-adrenaline activities and sometimes, even choose to relax and watch Thanksgiving movies over a turkey dinner, with loved ones. Although there are various traditions that state that Thanksgiving is all about the 'feast' and the 'turkey', it is not so. Thanksgiving celebrates the warmth, unity and relationships shared with near and dear ones, and what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving, than curling up on the sofa and watching a hilarious flick such as 'Tadpole'? Tadpole released in 2002 and is directed by Gary Winick. Scroll down to know more about the movie, Tadpole for Thanksgiving this year.

Movie Synopsis
Thanksgiving is an American, romantic-comedy and stars Sigourney Weaver, Bebe Neuwirth, Aaron Stanford, Kate Mara and Robert Iler. Directed by Gary Winick, 'Tadpole' is about a young fifteen year old boy called Oscar Grubman (Aaron Stanford), who is visually impeccable is also a genius, apart from being a natural linguist. He is somehow, surrounded by beautiful women all the time and is a natural at talking to them. On his train journey back home from his academy for Thanksgiving, he promises himself and tells his friend that he will fight and win the heart of his true love. But is that the problem? The problem begins when spectators discover that his true love is none other than his step-mother, Eve (Sigourney Weaver), who is older, a cardiologist and is unsatisfied with her failing marriage with Oscar's father. Oscar brushes off pretty girls his age, because he is so blindly and physically attracted to his step-mother, who is clearly frustrated emotionally and physically, which Oscar attempts to correct. After many advances, none of which Eve responds to, Oscar is disappointed and bumps into Eve's friend, Diane Lodder (Bebe Neuwirth), and the duo end up getting physically intimate at Diane's apartment. Oscar realizes his mistake and tries to open up to Eve, who later finds out that Diane and Oscar have been secretly meeting each other.

Oscar tries to make it up to her and pours his heart out, after which the two are seen briefly romancing each other. However, the fling/romance is short-lived as Eve realizes her responsibilities towards Oscar's father. All this is depicted over the Thanksgiving weekend; delicious turkey dinner, wine and a heated game of tennis. The fifteen year old boy realizes that he is not the right match for his step-mother and decides to go back to his academy, unaffected by his failed attempt.

'Tadpole' And Thanksgiving
Although the movie is not traditionally about Thanksgiving, the movie is set amidst the backdrop of the Thanksgiving weekend. Oscar brushes off all his lovers, only to fall in love with a woman who is much older and who happens to be his step-mother. However, he doesn't give up and persistently tries to win her heart. There are a couple of scenes when the family are seen sitting at the table trying to enjoy the Thanksgiving meal, although the family is overtly and visibly broken. The family get together only to enjoy Thanksgiving together, and therefore, it shows the importance of customs and rituals even though the family is clearly broken. Although Oscar has an illicit affair with his step-mother's friend, his loyalties lay with Eve, and he still tries to win her heart. After a brief period of wooing, Eve realizes her responsibilities and goes back to Oscar's father, with whom her responsibilities lay. The film highlights the theme of family life, and even though it is clearly disjointed in the film, viewers are expected to understand the underlying moral of how a simple Thanksgiving dinner or weekend can put everything back to its original place, and how it helps mend broken homes.

Although the movie is a twisted take on family reunions, love and unity, the classic baseline of Thanksgiving, combined with the bold script, makes this an interesting Thanksgiving watch with friends and family over a delicious Thanksgiving turkey dinner this year. Happy Thanksgiving!