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'Hannah And Her Sisters' is an all-time Thanksgiving hit, directed by Woody Allen. Given below is the story & summary of this popular Thanksgiving movie.

Hannah And Her Sisters

A 1986 comedy-drama film, 'Hannah And Her Sisters' is a complete family entertainer and a must-see, if you truly want a perfect ending to the wonderful Thanksgiving day. The movie is an intertwining story of an extended family that concludes with a family Thanksgiving dinner. It deals with the lives, relations and infidelities of Hannah and her two sisters - Holly, played by Dianne Wiest and Lee, played by Barbara Hershey. The lead character was played by Mia Farrow, who did justice to each and every shade of the character, Hannah. This movie became an instant box-office hit and was also one of the biggest critically acclaimed hits of 1986. Produced by Robert Greenhut and directed by Woody Allen, the movie features some of the greatest and biggest Hollywood stars, like Eleanor Parmar, Carrie Fischer and Daniel Stern. It was released on 7th February 1986 and received seven Academy Award nominations, including the Best Motion Picture for the year.

The entire story of 'Hannah And Her Sisters' can be divided into three different parts or arcs, occurring over a 12-month period, starting from one Thanksgiving party hosted by Hannah and her husband Elliot (Caine) and ending in the Thanksgiving party of the next year. Due to Elliot's resentment of his wife's Hannah self-sufficiency (she is a successful actress) and emotional strength, he gets involved in a romantic entanglement with Hannah's own sister, Lee. On the other hand, Lee has completely different reason of looking for love and satisfaction in Eliot.

After living with a reclusive artist called Frederick (played by Von Sydow) for 5 years, Lee no longer finds him stimulating - sexually or intellectually. So, much to his despair, she leaves Frederick and has a secret affair with Eliot, the husband of her own sister. A delightful break from the serious shades of 'Hannah And Her Sisters' is provided by Mickey, a hypochondriac who is tackling the possibility of an actually serious disease. His past is not too happy as well and includes a marriage to Hannah and a few disastrous dates with the cocaine-addicted Holly.

Once Mickey gets a clean chit about his health, he experiments with religious conversions to Catholicism and Krishna Consciousness. Finally, he goes for a second date with Holly and this quickly transforms into a relationship and finally marriage. The third shade in the movie is the story of Holly, who being an unsuccessful actress, opts for a life of catering, funded by Hannah. However, competing with her business partner April and a fellow actress leads to Holly losing both fields of her desired career. She finally decides to try her hand at writing.

The sharp turn in Holly's carrier leads her to borrow money from Hannah once again. She first starts writing a script about her two sisters and finally a story inspired by her own life. When Mickey reads this story, he admires her and strives to get the script produced. There is also another shade in the film relating the story of Norma and Evan (played by O'Sullivan and Nolan), Hannah's parents, with their own careers in movie and production. The film finally concludes with Lee ending her affair with Elliot and all the three sisters happily married and contended in life.