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'Mouse On The Mayflower' is a beautiful inspirational movie, written by Romeo Muller. Explore the story & summary of this popular Thanksgiving movie.

Mouse On The Mayflower

A perfect way to unwind and enjoy the true flavor of the Thanksgiving season is by watching the animated 'Mouse On The Mayflower'. Very popular with the kids, the movie has received enormous critical acclaim and provides a delightful break from the common rigmarole drama of routine movie scripts. The movie is, in fact, a must see for all age groups and also helps enhance one's knowledge, as it dwells on the importance of preserving one's values. Written by Romeo Muller and directed by Jules Bass and Arthur Rankin Jr., its script relates the adventures of a stowaway mouse, while traveling to a new continent, aboard the Mayflower. It is a wonderful movie that is full of hope, has a wonderful ending and is especially loved by kids.

Originally, 'Mouse On The Mayflower' was a 1 hour TV special, which was aired on NBC on the 23rd November 1968. It was extended to a full-scale movie later on. The entire tale is narrated and sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford (1919 to 1991), a popular American recording artist and television host. The characters in the movie are Captain Standish (voiced by Eddie Albert) and Priscilla (voiced by Joanie Summers), along with Captain Jones, Smiling Buzzard, Quizzler and Scurv, all performed by the famous voice artist Paul Frees. This Thanksgiving special was produced by the same production house (Rankin/Bass Studios) that created the famous "Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer" and "Cricket on the Hearth".

'Mouse On The Mayflower' has a ship called Mayflower being trapped amidst a huge storm. The entire story is narrated by a church-mouse called William, from his viewpoint. The tale begins with the pilgrim preachers deciding to move to America and getting aboard Mayflower. However, because of the huge storm, the ship gets on the verge of sinking. Then, William, the pilgrim mouse, comes up with an idea to save the ship. When the pilgrims land safely, they write the Mayflower Compact and start constructing their new church and colony. However, it is already autumn season and they do not have much food stored for the winters. The pilgrims then learn to plant crops during the spring season and celebrate a big feast towards the onset of the autumn season or fall. This is their first Thanksgiving celebration.