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'Funny people (2009)' is a touching, Thanksgiving story about George Simmons, who is suffering from a terminal disease. Read on to know more about the movie, Funny People.

Funny People

Thanksgiving is an important holiday/festival celebrated to venerate the heavens for the bounteous gifts and generosity in life's blessings. The holiday is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November each year and is also celebrated as a time for shopping, feasting, activities and glamorous, street parades. President Abraham Lincoln officially announced Thanksgiving Day as an official holiday during the Civil War and the day is marked as an important event where families get together, indulge in delicious feasts, play football, unwind with friends and even watch classic, Thanksgiving movies. Although many people believe that Thanksgiving is all about the feasting and football. However, it is not always so. Thanksgiving can also be about cozying up with family on the sofa, watching your favorite television channel or grabbing some popcorn and watching a Thanksgiving movie like 'Funny People' with the ones you love. Scroll down to know more about 'Funny People'.

Movie Synopsis
Directed by Judd Apatow, 'Funny People is an emotional movie about a famous comedian who has a tryst with death, and what he does after he realizes that he has a second chance. George Simmons (Adam Sandler), a stand-up comedian, discovers that he has a rare blood disorder, which is likely to kill him within a year, and feels lonelier than ever, considering that he has no friends and is estranged from his family life. After he discovers that he is suffering from this rare disease, he decides to go back to his roots and continue with his stand-up comedy. It is at this point where he meets Ira Weiner (Seth Rogen) by chance, and the two become friends. George then makes Ira his assistant to write his jokes and also decides to keep him as his personal assistant just so that he can get an insight into the glamorous world of stand-up comedians. Ira soon learns of George's disease and wants him to tell everyone he knows. George however, keeps to himself and calls up his ex-girlfriend to apologize for his infidelities when they were together. Laura finds out about his illness, visits his house and tells George that her partner has been cheating on her as well. The two reconcile and stay friends. Miraculously, George is cured from his illness and the stand-up comedian is unsure of what he wants to do with his life.

Laura and George are seen having an illicit affair and when Laura's husband returns, a brawl and harsh verbal exchanges, heat the plot. Sadly, Laura and her husband reconcile and Laura chooses her husband over George, while being goaded on by George's assistant Ira. Learning this, George fires Ira from his position, and Ira in turn curses him for not being grateful on getting a second life. As Ira's popularity soars, George learns that he has been selfish. He apologizes to his friend, the two reconcile, and things go on, with a Thanksgiving dinner at the end of the movie.

'Funny People' And Thanksgiving
Although the movie has a thanksgiving scene, Thanksgiving is not only about the scrumptious feasting, champagne and bitter-sweet talk. The movie is pregnant with underlying meaning and encompasses the spirit and the meaning of Thanksgiving all throughout. When George Simmons is diagnosed with a terminal, blood illness, he realizes that he has very little time and goes back to doing what he loves the most; stand-up comedy. However, he seems to have miraculously recovered from the disease and gets a second chance at life. Although George is not seen thanking the Lord for his second life, the movie conveys that God has been gracious towards him and has given him a second shot at life. This, George realizes only in the end and he puts aside his selfish nature and is grateful for another opportunity.

In another instance, George's friend, Ira, is ever so grateful to George for having taken him in as an assistant and to give him an insight into the world of stand-up comedy. This is overtly expressed when Ira invites George home for a Thanksgiving dinner, which he promptly attends. In the third instance, although Laura and George are intimate with each other, she ultimately chooses to stay with her husband for the sake of her children, and here, family life is highlighted. George learns to part ways with his stubborn nature and reconciles with Ira after a brief fight that highlights the importance of friendship, forgiveness, gratefulness and honesty, all of which, are themes for Thanksgiving.

The soul of Thanksgiving comes across through this movie beautifully and is a must watch with family and friends this year. Not only does the movie teaches us to be grateful, but also explains the various themes of Thanksgiving. Sit your family and friends down and enjoy this movie over a delicious, Turkey dinner!