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Thanksgiving Day is an occasion to have fun and play games. Read further to know more about thanksgiving fun games for adults.

Thanksgiving Games For Adults

Thanksgiving Day is an occasion when people gather around to organize parties and to appease their stomach with turkeys and hams. What makes this day special is its huge social gathering of family members, neighbours and friends. While such large number of people gather around, it is essential to have some activities to facilitate interaction and to keep the guests engaged; this is where games come into play. Thanksgiving Day, as it is known for renewing relationships, witnesses lot of games and activities. These games are indeed a key to socialize as they make people your close associates to whom you have not talked since years. Suddenly you find that the ice which have not melted since years liquefy and barriers broke. It helps everyone to know others better, regardless of the person. There are plenty of options for thanksgiving games like taboo, thanksgiving bingo and thanksgiving memory game. Mentioned below are some adult games which you can play for this Thanksgiving Day.

Fun Thanksgiving Games

Who Am I?
This is an interesting thanksgiving group game which is perfect for adults. The game starts by everyone writing a paragraph about some unusual things which they have committed. Ensure others do not know them. Collect the papers and authorise someone to read the stories loudly and the other guests are allowed to write their guesses on the author of the story on a paper. This is the best game which makes even unknown people interact with each other.

Thanksgiving Potluck Contest
It is common to have potluck for thanksgiving. However, what if we make it a cooking contest? In this, divide the guests into groups with two or three people. The group is asked to bring some delicacies for the thanksgiving dinner. There must be a panel of judges to choose the best dish.

This is an interesting adult game in which the guests are divided into two groups with equal number of members. Prepare some cards with different terms written on them. Then, choose one person from each team to pick the card and explain the word written on the card to his team mates. However, he or she should not use the taboo words which are listed on the card. In case he uses one, a point will be added to the opponent team. The card must be hidden to the team and visible to at least one member of the opposing team so that they know when the taboo word is spoken. The team which guesses as many words as possible in 60 seconds wins the game. The cards are then passed on to the next person.

Thanksgiving Memory Game
Thanksgiving memory game is an interesting one in which guests are made to sit in a circle. The game starts when the first player says, "At Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey" which the next player repeats, but by adding one sentence of his own as, "At my Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey and cranberry". The third player repeats the sentence by adding another dish as "At Thanksgiving dinner I ate turkey, cranberry, and stuffing". The game goes on with each person adding one dish to the sentence after repeating the previous items, in the same order in which they were said. In case one player makes mistake, he is dropped from the team and the game goes on until only one person is left.

Thanksgiving Bingo
Come thanksgiving, you cannot avoid Bingo, an interesting adult game. If you have great gathering of people, bingo is surely going to be a hit. People can either play it in numbers or with one person with a thanksgiving theme. You will find Bingo cards with thanksgiving themes on the web or can prepare it with your own bingo cards. You can also arrange for some cash prices for the winners which keep people interested.

Cranberry Relay
Make your guests form two lines and each player must carry a spoonful of cranberries from the front of the line to the back or to a specific point and then handover the spoon to the next player. While doing this, he or she should not drop the cranberries; in case he or she drops, the player must stop and must be replaced. The first team to finish this are the winners of the game.

Thanksgiving Day is indeed an occasion to celebrate and have fun! Hope this article gives you an idea on the various thanksgiving games for adults.