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A Thanksgiving party is incomplete without some exciting games to play. Read on to know some games for Thanksgiving Day parties.

Thanksgiving Party Games

If you are organizing a Thanksgiving party at your home, you need to entertain your guests to the hilt, so that they remember your fun party for a long time and look forward to attending it the next year as well. And your Thanksgiving party will be incomplete without some exciting games. Interesting games will add to the Thanksgiving thrill and keep the guests busy as well. The article lists some cool party games to play on Thanksgiving. Choose the ones that you like and use them to add more fun to your Thanksgiving festivities.

Party Games For Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Memory Game
Make your guests sit in a circle. You can begin the game by a phrase 'I ate turkey at the Thanksgiving Dinner'. Now, ask the next player in the circle to repeat this line, while adding one more dish after Turkey. Similarly, the third player will repeat the line including the dishes mentioned by the first two players and adding a dish of his/her own. The game will continue with each player listing the previous items in the correct order and then adding the name of a new dish. If someone forgets the correct order or skips the name of any of the dishes, he/she will be dropped from the game. The player who remains till the end will be the winner.

Apple Pass
Apple Pass is a real fun game to be played at the Thanksgiving party. Make the guests stand in two lines, in a single file. The game is to pass the apple down the line without using hands. The guests can use their chins, legs and even elbows, but not their hands. The team that first passes the apple down the line, without making it fall, is the winner of the Apple Pass game.

Turkey Hunt
You can arrange for a Turkey hunt just the way an Easter egg hunt is arranged. Get some stuffed animals and toy turkeys and hide them in the house, at different sites. The team that gets the maximum number of items within the said time will be the winner. You can also hide just one turkey in the house and ask everyone to look for it and the one who finds it the first is at liberty to hide it anywhere. This way, the thrilling hunt for turkey will go on for quite some time.

Pumpkin Bowling
Pumpkin bowling is another exciting game to play at your Thanksgiving party. Get two 10-liter plastic soda bottles and fill them with a few inches of sand, so that they become slightly heavy. Arrange for a small round pumpkin and make the guests try to bowl the pumpkin over the bottle pins. Keep prizes for those who make the bowl strike the bottle pin. Pumpkin bowling is great fun game to be played on Thanksgiving party and the guests are surely going to love it.