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Children love to play games on Thanksgiving and have fun. Explore the article to find some exciting Thanksgiving Game ideas for kids.

Thanksgiving Games For Kids

Thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity for kids to engage in a variety of games and fun activities. Elder family members can also make children understand the long standing tradition of Thanksgiving through these games, by doing some innovations in the original ones. If you are organizing a Thanksgiving party at your home, you might as well arrange some interesting games to keep the kids of your guests busy and out of mischief. They will surely remember your Thanksgiving party until the next year, for the exciting games you made them play. This article lists some very interesting games Thanksgiving game ideas for children, to make their day full of fun and frolic.

Thanksgiving Day Games for Kids

Popcorn Relay Race
Popcorn relay race will be an exciting and fun game for children. Place some bowls, filled with popcorns, at one side of the room and some empty bowls in the opposite side of the room. Divide the kids into two teams and make both the teams transport the popcorns from the filled bowls to the empty ones using a measuring cap. The team that transports all the popcorns to the empty bowls first will be declared the winner.

Handkerchief Game
Arrange the kids in a circle. Make them pass the handkerchief around the circle while reciting:
Handkerchief, Handkerchief, around it goes,
Where you'll stop, nobody knows.
But when you do, someone must say,
What they are thankful for this day.
When the poem ends, the player holding the handkerchief will have to say aloud the one thing for which he/ she is thankful to the Almighty. The game will continue until everyone gets a turn to thank God. It's a great game to make children realize the importance of God in their lives, even as they have some fun.

Pumpkin Race
Pumpkin race is a traditional county fair game and you will need plenty of space to play it. Get some large pumpkins and some sturdy sticks. Make the kids line up on the starting line, like racers and turn the pumpkins on their sides. Give the racers the signal to start and let them use the sticks to roll the pumpkins to the finishing line. The one who reaches the finishing line at the earliest is the winner. You can also make it a relay race, if you want to divide the kids into teams.

Stool Ball
Stool ball is an old outdoor game, which makes use of a light weight three-legged stool, a soccer ball and a sturdy stick. Keep the stool in the middle of the open area and make one kid defend the stool, using a stick. The other kids will stand behind a line, at a distance of 10-15 feet from the stool. Each player will get a chance to knock over the stool, by throwing the soccer ball at it. The defender of the stool will have to use the stick to bat the ball away.