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Thriving to try something unique on this Thanksgiving Day? Then, try some fun and amazing dinner games to entertain your guests. Read on.

Thanksgiving Dinner Games

Thanksgiving Day is a special day which is celebrated in United States and Canada to express gratitude for the happiness and joy showered on our lives. By partying, feasting and by singing and dancing, people welcome Thanksgiving Day with great fervor and enthusiasm. What about indulging in some thanksgiving dinner games which you can play for Thanksgiving Day dinner? There is hardly anyone who doesn't love to indulge in games. Be it a board game or something which can be played around the coffee and dinner table, these dinner games often breaks the ice and renews broken relationships. It also strengthens the bond between elders and children. By hearing the word, 'games' don't get scared about the fact that you need to run in and around. There are plenty of games which you can play around the dinner or coffee table. Mentioned below are some of the popular, simple and easy dinner games which can be played by elders, teenagers as well as kids on the Thanksgiving Day.

Games For Thanksgiving

Dinner Guests
Want to include kids for the dinner games? Then, you can play this game. Give the kids a piece of paper and ask them to write the name of the person whom they would like to invite for dinner. This game enables the kids to have lot of fun to showcase what they have learned in history. It also enables you to know how much they have learned about celebrities.

Finish The Story
This is an interesting dinner game which you surely would have played in your childhood. Make the guests sit together and ask the first person in the group to narrate a story with each person adding turns to it. Try to work on the conclusion while the dinner comes to an end.

The Lie Detector Game
A definite icebreaker, this lie detector game can easily be played while having dinner. This also helps a large group of people to get to know each other. In this game, the guests are asked to make three statements, one lie statement and two true statements. The guests, in turn, announce their statements in such a way that they are true. Once a person announces his statements, a group decides which of the ones are true and false. Each statement raises questions, irrespective of whether it is a lie or fact and results in general questions and discussion.

Who Am I?
This is an interesting dinner game which can be played without much confusion. Make the guests sit in a group and ask them to choose a famous person. Without making others know, you become that person. Each and every guest, when their turn comes, provides a small narrative of who you are. You can imitate the mannerisms of the chosen person to provide an added effect. Based on the one-word answers which is either 'yes' or 'no', the group decides on the person whom you chose. The first one to make the correct guess wins the round.

Hope this article familiarised you with some amazing thanksgiving dinner games, which you can play on the special day.