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Family game ideas for Thanksgiving Day are galore and exciting at the same time. Read on to explore some Thanksgiving family games.

Thanksgiving Family Games

Thanksgiving is a family holiday and celebrators want to enjoy this festive occasion in the company of their near and dear ones. People, no matter how far they are from their family, try to reach their close ones on this day, so as to celebrate this much awaited holiday with them. You can increase this fun of togetherness by playing some interesting family games on Thanksgiving Day. This article lists some interesting Thanksgiving game ideas, to enjoy with your family. Read on to know what your pick is.

Family Games For Thanksgiving Day

Turkey Strut
Make turkey foot prints all over the floor, by using pieces of masking tape. Play some nice foot-tapping music. The children can pretend to be turkeys and strut around in the room. Stop playing the music all of a sudden, while the turkeys try to find footprints to stand on, as the music stops. Only one turkey should be standing on one pair of footprints. When you start the music again, the turkeys can continue strutting around the room once again.

Ask The Oracle
The family can get together after dinner to play this interesting indoor game. Each player will write a question based on Thanksgiving on a blank chit, which he/she wants to ask the oracle. The chit will be passed on to all the players of the game. The one who knows the answer of the first question will write down the answer on the chit and will get a chance to ask one question form the other players, in a similar way. The one who answers the maximum number of questions, and also ends up asking the maximum questions, will be the winner.

Guess The Answer
'Guess the Answer' is a fun game to play with the entire family. A player thinks about some place, thing or person related to Thanksgiving in his/her mind and says, ''I am thinking about a person/ place/ thing''. The other players have to guess what the answer is and for this, they can take two clues or hints, at the maximum, from the player who has posed the question. Every player will get a chance and the one who makes the maximum right guesses will be the winner.

Thanksgiving Scrabble
This game is played in just the same way as scrabble. However, the vocabulary for the game is limited to only Thanksgiving words. The words that you create on the scrabble should be connected to Thanksgiving, in some or the other way. You can also divide the family in to two teams, so that there is a greater sense of rivalry. It is a fun game to be played on Thanksgiving and the family can assemble after dinner to have some more fun, before the festivities are over.