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Exciting and fun games can double the fun of your Thanksgiving party. Explore the article for some fun game ideas for Thanksgiving Day.

Fun Thanksgiving Games

Thanksgiving parties are synonymous with fun games. And it is the games that people of all age groups can enjoy together that are real fun to organize. Such activities also present a nice opportunity to interact with other guests invited to the party. Thanksgiving games can be played in the schools, with the family and other groups. Below listed are some of the most interesting games for Thanksgiving. These games will not only keep the kids and other guests busy, but also make for some memorable fun in your party.

Fun Thanksgiving Day Games

Bird, Beast Or Fish
'Bird, beast or fish' is a great fun game for Thanksgiving, but you will have to think real fast to play this game. The players have to sit facing the leader and the leader will point to one of the players and say, 'bird, beast or fish'. The player chosen by the leader will have to come up with a name that fits into the given categories before the leader completes a count to ten. The player is out if he/she fails to respond within time. After a few rounds, it will become difficult to come up with names and the game will continue till only one player is left. The game is more suited for children, but can be improvised to suit adults as well.

Pilgrims On A Turkey Hunt
A very interesting Thanksgiving game, 'Pilgrims on a Turkey Hunt' can bring together adult and young players to double the thrill. Some adults can act as pilgrims on a turkey hunt and children can become the turkeys. The leader has to count till ten, giving the turkeys sometime to hide and let the hunt start. The turkeys can gobble to help the pilgrims to locate them. The game can be played many times, by changing the hunters.

Cornucopia Thanksgiving Game
Give a Thanksgiving name to everyone in the play group, such as Apple, Turkey, Potato, Cranberry, Corn, Pie, etc. Arrange one chair for each participant and allow the leader to call out two names, such as 'Apple' and 'Corn' and the participants whose names have been called out have to immediately switch over their seats. Any delay on their part to do so would result in both the participants losing their seats in the game. The leader may also call out 'cornucopia' suddenly and everyone including the leader will have to change seats. The participant to sit last is out of the game.

Thanksgiving Trivia
Write down several questions on a big sheet of paper, related to the history of Thanksgiving Day or some of the facts associated with it. At the same time, list four probable answers. Only one answer out of the four would be correct. For instance, one question to be asked can be: From the following foods, which one was not likely to be at the pilgrims table? a) Corn b) Potatoes c) Yams d) Beans. The right answer is Potatoes. Whosoever gets the maximum answers right is the winner of the Thanksgiving Trivia game.