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Matzah brei is a Jewish dish, which is commonly made at Passover. Read on to find matzo brei recipe and know how to make it.

Matzah Brei

Matzah brei, also known as fried matzo, is a Jewish dish made from matzah, fried with eggs. Usually, the dry matzah is soaked in water or milk to soften it. Then, it is broken into pieces and mixed with eggs, to be finally fried in butter. Matzah brei can be shaped into cake, frittata, or can be broken up and cooked like scrambled eggs. The dish can also be combined with meat and other foods. It can be topped with sauces, such as apple sauce, salsa or preserves. Some people also eat matzo brei with sugar syrup and jelly. It is a very common dish at Passover, cooked extensively in Jewish households. Below given is the recipe to cook matzah brei. Read on how to make it.

Matzah Brei Recipe