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Brisket is often served as a main dish in the Passover dinner. Read on to find easy to make and delicious brisket recipes for Pesach.

Passover Brisket Recipe

Passover is a Jewish festival, celebrated by all the Jewish families all across the world. On this day, Jewish households prepare many traditional foods, such as matzo ball soup, hard-boiled eggs and matzah. The week-long holiday is kicked off with the traditional Seder, when the story of Exodus is narrated over the dinner. More than often, brisket is a traditional recipe of the meal, which is served as a main dish. It is a delicious and luscious pot roast, perfect for a large family gathering. Several side dishes and desserts are also prepared to compliment the scrumptious brisket and complete the traditional family meal. Preparing brisket can be a little time consuming though the wait is worth the delectable dish. Given below is an easy to make brisket recipe. Try the recipe and enjoy a lavish Pesach meal with your family.

Brisket Recipe for Passover