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Given below is the story of the romantic movie You've Got Mail, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

You've Got Mail

'You've Got Mail' is a sweet romantic comedy that reunites "Sleepless in Seattle" stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. It is a beautiful movie that dwells on the subject of virtual dating. It is an ideal romantic movie especially for those who have found their love through the Internet. The film revolves around the ability of Kathleen and Joe interacting well in virtual reality while they both are business competitors in real world.

Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) is an heir to a big book superstore chain, Fox Books. Though he lives with his girlfriend, he is not really in love with her. Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) is the owner of a small children's bookstore that has been around for 40 years and was started by her late mother. She is involved with Frank Navasky (Greg Kinnear), a leftist postmodernist newspaper writer for the New York Observer. Frank is devoted to his typewriter and Kathleen prefers her laptop. She uses her screen name "Shopgirl" for chatting with "NY152", Joe's screen name. Both are unaware of each other's real identities.

Joe comes across as the arrogant bookstore owner who wants to put Kathleen out of business. This makes them bitter rivals and they leave no stone unturned to outdo the other in business. Unsuspectingly, they are chatting online with each other and slowly falling in love in the process. As this roller-coaster story opens up, the ambiguity in this romantic comedy lies within when and how they will learn of each other's true identity.

The movie begins with Joe and Kathleen passing each other unbeknownst to either one. Joe arrives at work in Fox Books, while Kathleen opens up the bookstore. While chatting online, they decide to meet one day. Joe takes his friend, Kevin along for moral support. While looking in a café window at the behest of Joe, Kevin discovers that Kathleen herself is "Shopgirl". He then tells Joe about it, the two exchange words and Joe leaves the café hurt. Kathleen then begins a media war, including both a boycott of Fox Books and an interview on the local news, involving Frank and Joe. Her store goes under despite all efforts.

She enters Fox Books and discovers that the store is friendly and relaxing yet not as personal as her independent shop. Her employees have now started moving on to other jobs. Kathleen falls sick once and Joe visits her and makes a favorable impression for the first time. He learns that Kathleen has broken up with Frank, who has moved on with a talk show host Jane Adams. Joe and Kathleen develop a tentative relationship that blossoms over time and eventually fall for each other. During the same time, Shopgirl and NY152 meet one more time at Riverside Park. Kathleen cries and the two kiss and the song "Over the Rainbow" takes the movie out.