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Given here is the summary of the romantic movie Pretty Woman, which starred Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in lead roles.

Pretty Woman

The romantic movie that had women scream out for true love, Pretty Woman went on to become one of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters and one of the favorite movie of all movie lovers. Starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in lead roles, Pretty Woman went on to receive accolades from the critics and an Academy Award nomination for Julia Roberts, who did receive a Golden Globe Award for her performance in the heartwarming tale of two lovers. This is an ideal movie to catch up with your beloved on a cozy evening together.

Julia Roberts plays Vivian Ward, an attractive hooker with a good heart, who gets acquainted with a corporate honcho Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), while the latter is asking for directions to reach a hotel. He likes her attitude and hires her as an escort for himself and agrees to pay her $3000 for a week. Her other "guilty pleasures" include staying at a five-star hotel, bankrolling a full wardrobe and cosmetic makeover. She is transformed from an ugly duckling to a charming swan so to say. During this time, Edward is undergoing a business deal with James Morse and his grandson David, which includes buying the company, breaking it up and selling it for profit (which is his main work). James Morse snubs Edward and the chapter closes down.

In the meantime, Edward and Vivian's relationship changes to friendship and the latter ends up falling in love with him. Out of jealousy, he even insults her once, but as he realizes and apologizes for his mistake, the couple comes back on track once again. Some beautiful days follow, in which Vivian is able to change Edward's bitter behavior in terms of his business. Soon, he even makes James Morse and offer that is agreeable to him and changes his course of ways. In the end, he proposes Vivian and a happy ending follows. The movie has a culmination of comedy, romance, and drama all making it a perfect entertainer. It is an ideal movie to be watched with your beloved to spend a romantic evening with just the two of you.