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Given here is the story of the romantic movie Kate and Leopold, which starred Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman in lead roles.

Kate and Leopold

"Kate and Leopold" is a cute romantic movie that stars Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman in the title roles respectively. The film is directed by James Mangold. The movie narrates the story of a Duke, who time travels to an advanced age and falls in love with a woman, who is ambitious and career-oriented. Sparks fly as two people from extremely different worlds find solace in each other. Given below is a short summary of the movie that is an ideal watch on a romantic Valentine's Day evening.

Kate (Meg Ryan) and her brother Charlie (Breckin Meyer) live in New York in the 21st Century. Her ex-boy friend, Stuart (Liev Schreiber) is a scientist and lives above her apartment. He comes across this space near the Brooklyn Bridge where there is a gap in time. He goes back to the 19th century and starts taking pictures of that place. He is spotted by Leopold (Hugh Jackman), the Duke living in the 1870's. He is mused by Stuart's tiny camera and decides to follow him. Stuart goes to the Brooklyn Bridge and jumps through the time gap with the Duke jumping along with him. They both land in the present century. Stuart is admitted to the hospital due to some grievous injuries and Leopold left alone to discover his new surroundings. He befriends Charlie and stays at his place.

Kate returns from work and sees Leopold at her home. Though hesitant, she allows him to stay but is not very amused with the story of time gap. As the movie proceeds, we see how Leopold tries to win over Kate and of course, we get to chivalry at its best. Both of them get inclined towards each other as they dine together and tour New York. Leopold also befriends Kate's brother. He agrees to act for a shoot on being convinced by Kate. However, as the shooting begins, he finds the product flawed and refuses to act. He is perplexed as to how Kate can have him endorse a disgusting product. He reproaches Kate that integrity has to maintained, no matter what profession you are in. This infuriates her and she snaps back by saying that sometimes, one has to do things which one may not like.

This seems to put an end to their relationship as Kate goes on to accept her promotion at a company banquet while Leopold returns to his own world. However, fate makes them meet once again and Kate chooses Leopold over her career. Leopold announce Kate to be his wife and both of them get married. The movie narrates a beautiful love story, which is made truly believable by the convincing actors. Meg Ryan is at her charming best and Hugh Jackman is pretty believable as the Duke, a mix of gentleman and toughie. Watch this movie for some mushy romance fused with fairy tale stuff.