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Given below is a summary of the romantic movie What Women Want, which stars Helen hunt and Mel Gibson in the lead roles.

What Women Want

What better to spend Valentine's Day than sit back with you beloved at home and enjoy some really romantic movies? Revive the feeling of romance in your relationship and feel lost in each other. In case you are wondering which movie to watch - 'What Women Want is a good option. Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt star in this romantic movie, which is a lighthearted comedy that was released in 2000. What Women Want is a movie that can be enjoyed any day with your beloved? Check out the short summary of the movie given below.

Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) is a typical MCP (male chauvinist pig) who works with an advertising agency. He leaves no opportunity to ridicule the opposite sex and often cracks typical chauvinist jokes, thus ticking off most women around him. His agency hires a new creative director Darcy Maguire (Helen Hunt), who has a rotten reputation of being a perfectionist. Nick does not leave any opportunity to outdo her and hates being dominated upon by a female senior. After a freak accident one night (when he electrocutes himself), he discovers that he suddenly has the power to hear the thoughts of women.

He is able to understand his maid's thoughts as she cleans his apartment the next morning. He can decipher what's going on in the minds of numerous women as he walks through a park. He could even miraculously understand the thoughts of a female poodle. Nick is surprised to know what his female colleagues think of him when he reaches office, including some of those who have even slept with him and regretted it later. The film proceeds with Nick honing his mind-reading skills, gradually transforming from an insensitive dork to becoming almost one of the girls. Nick's unique gift gives him a fair chance to reach out to his daughter and stop taking women for granted.

His attitude towards women is changed significantly, as he realizes their inner thoughts. This also helps him to develop a friendly bond with his co-workers. Nick finally discovers that love actually exists and he finds himself falling for Darcy. This is also the time when he tries to get close to his daughter, though she resents him for being so insensitive over the years. Later, Nick loses his gift in a storm, but is reconciled with his daughter when her boyfriend dumps him. The film raises quite some laughs when Nick tries to experience the pain women have to undergo to look beautiful as he tries out how to put mascara on his lashes without poking the eye with the wand! It is a great movie to watch when you are with your beloved and want to spend a cozy evening indoors.