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Given below is the summary of the romantic movie The Wedding Planner, starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey.

The Wedding Planner

Released in 2001, this romantic movie stars Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey in the lead roles. The Wedding Planner is a light comedy that you can watch snuggling with your beloved on a romantic evening. It is different from the usual love stories that bring tears tricking down your eyes. The comic angle of the movie keeps it fun throughout and also keeps the viewer spell bound while the magic of love unfolds. The lead actors have made their characters so convincing without much effort that you could actually feel for them. Check out a short synopsis of the beautiful love story below.

Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) is a famous wedding planner in San Francisco. She is a go-getter, hard working, controlled, and she knows exactly what to do and say to make any wedding a spectacular event. The career-oriented Mary has no time to think about her own wedding and she is totally consumed with planning wedding events for others. However, love bells strike for her when she falls in love with Dr. Steve Edison (Matthew McConaughey), after he saves her from a nasty accident. Following this, they spend a beautiful evening in the park and watch an old movie together. This is also the time when they both realize that they are attracted towards each other. Mary returns back and tell her friends that she has found a man she like and wants to be with.

While working on one of her biggest projects, Mary comes to know that Steve is engaged to her most important client. Her life is turned upside down as he is the groom of the biggest wedding of her career. She decides that she will plan the mega wedding of the year and not let her emotions stand in the way of her career. Half-heartedly she makes the arrangements of the wedding, while silently falling for him even more. One night when Steve is consoling Mary, while she is obsessing over her ex-fiancé's betrayal, he realizes that he too loves Mary. He pronounces his love for Mary to which she replies that she can't betray her client by stealing her fiancé.

In the meantime, Mary meets a childhood friend Massimo (Justin Chambers), who proposes to marry her. She accepts his proposal and decides to marry him even as she still harbors feelings for Steve. However, her father halts her marriage with Massimo, realizing that she doesn't truly love him. This is also the time when Steve and her fiancé realize that they can't marry each other due to certain problems in their relationship. This brings Steve back to Mary, the woman he always loved. Nicely portrayed, the film has light comic moments, which makes it different from the usual tearjerkers. A light movie that is certainly enjoyable and worth a watch with your loved one!