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Thanksgiving Day is celebrated to remember all the gifts that God has given in life. Thanksgiving Day is also celebrated in Mexico. Read on to know more about the celebrations of Thanksgiving in Mexico.

Thanksgiving In Mexico

Thanksgiving is a famous, American holiday, celebrated with great gusto. The reason behind celebrating Thanksgiving Day is to show some appreciation and gratitude to God for all the blessings in life. People today are more fortunate and blessed than their ancestors. On this special day, people thank God for all the gifts in life, including food, shelter and freedom. Families, friends, neighbors and colleagues get together for the Thanksgiving celebrations. A scrumptious meal is prepared by the hostess and is served and shared among all the guests. Houses are decorated beautifully, with fruits and flowers mirroring the theme of the harvest season. Thanksgiving or the 'harvest festival' has been celebrated for several centuries now and in in many parts of the world too. The people of Mexico also celebrate Thanksgiving on similar lines. Thanksgiving celebrations in Mexico are very special. Read this article to know more about Thanksgiving in Mexico.

Mexican Thanksgiving Day
The people in Mexico are a grateful lot. They do not care much about the materialistic things in the world but they do value nature's bountiful gifts and blessings. Mexican culture involves thanking the Lord and celebrating 'life' on an everyday basis. Although the festival may not seem very apparent to Mexican traditions, Thanksgiving is an important day and is celebrated to give thanks to the Gods. Thanksgiving is a respected holiday in Mexico, celebrated with immense delight. The people in Mexico are humble and compassionate and they have high regard for Thanksgiving, which is why Thanksgiving is more than a one-time affair. People value their land, culture, food and blessings, which is why; Thanksgiving is important to them.

Mexican Thanksgiving Traditions
The traditions of Mexican Thanksgiving are very similar to that of American Thanksgiving celebrations. They decorate their houses to reflect the harvest season during Thanksgiving. Unlike typical American culture, where turkeys and cranberry sauce are a part of the feast, Mexicans set a Mexican Thanksgiving feast on a long dinner table. All the guests say 'Grace' before they begin the feast. For the Mexicans, Thanksgiving is more about spending quality time with family and friends.

Mexican Thanksgiving Feast
The Thanksgiving feasts in Mexico share a close similarity with American Thanksgiving feasts. Known for their spicy, vibrant and colorful food, Mexican dishes deliver a certain flavor that cannot be matched or replaced with anything else. Some of the most important dishes of Mexican Thanksgiving feast include the Mexican chorizo pumpkin soup, candied pumpkin, fruit and nut bread pudding, 'camote', mango salsa, Chile- cranberry salsa, pork, chicken and turkey dishes such as turkey tacos and turkey enchiladas.

Generally, the 'hero' of the Mexican Thanksgiving feast is the stuffed pork instead of the traditional stuffed turkey. However, several turkey dishes like turkey tortillas and turkey tamales are also prepared along with the other dishes.

Thanksgiving is celebrated across various cultures and countries across the world. In Mexico, Thanksgiving is celebrated on a more religious and spiritual note. The Mexican Thanksgiving Day celebrations include a grand feast that is shared among all the guests. It is safe to say that, Mexicans celebrate Thanksgiving daily, as they thank God for everything around them, every single day of their lives.