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Tet Trung Thu or Thanksgiving in Vietnam is celebrated in mid autumn. Check out for information on Tet Trung Thu in the following article.

Tet Trung Thu

Tet Trung Thu or Thanksgiving is one of the important festivals in Vietnam. The day falls on 15th of eighth month in lunar calendar. It is also known as moon festival. Legend has it that wife of Cuoi had, by mistake, passed urine on sanctified banyan tree. Not knowing that she defiled the tree, she then sat on the branch of the tree. But the tree started to grow exponentially high up the sky to touch the moon which left Cu?i's wife trapped on the tree. So, during Tet Trung Thu festival, children take part in procession carrying lanterns as a gesture to show Cuoi's wife path back to earth. Families especially make children the heart of this celebration. They purchase lantern for children for moon festival procession. It is a time when all families and friends get together and wish each other on this special occasion. Tet Trung Thu is celebrated with much fervor and gaiety in Vietnam.

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