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Thanksgiving is celebrated in China by many American and Canadian origin immigrants. Check out for information about Thanksgiving in China in the following article.

Thanksgiving in China

Thanksgiving, the popular American festival, is making inroads into China. The festival is largely celebrated amongst Americans and Canadians who are settled in China. In schools, teachers tell about the meaning of Thanksgiving holiday to students in the class. However, children and elders in China drew new meaning out of it by thanking teachers, parents and friends on the day. Originally in the US and Canada, Thanksgiving is a day to thank God for the blessings bestowed on humanity. In the US, Thanksgiving is celebrated on fourth Thursday in November month and in Canada, it is celebrated on second Monday in October month. In China, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the date which migrants associate themselves, that is, Canadians celebrate it according to their calendar and Americans as per their calendar. However, for Chinese, they follow American date as the tale of Indians, pilgrims and sailing ships are more familiar to them.

Thanksgiving Celebration in China
So, on Thanksgiving Day, the local Chinese and American expatriates come together to celebrate the day with much pomp and gusto. It is the day people remember not only the love and kindness of God but also people who have showered love and kindness on them. Thanksgiving Day is truly a fun filled occasion in China.