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Read 'Turkey trouble' poem, popular as thanksgiving dinner table song and turkey song for classroom.

Turkey Trouble Poems

Turkey is one of the favourite themes for Thanksgiving, be it songs, poems or crafts. In fact, one of the popular songs sung at the Thanksgiving dinner table is the 'Turkey Trouble'. The song is sung to the tune of the nursery rhyme 'Mary had a Little Lamb'. It is an interesting poem to be recited in the classroom for Thanksgiving Day. Then, there is yet another poem on turkey, called 'Turkey Trouble - A Thanksgiving Poem'. Both the poems are fun and can help you in creating a lighter mood during the festival. You can either recite them on your own or make your children to sing them, with proper actions, at dinner. Read on to find the joy of the turkey poems.

Popular Thanksgiving Dinner Table Poems

Turkey Trouble
We cooked turkey, nice and hot,
Nice and hot, nice and hot.
We cooked turkey nice and hot
On Thanksgiving Day.

We eat turkey a whole lot,
A whole lot, a whole lot.
We eat turkey a whole lot.
It will not go away!

Sandwiches and soup are fine.
By the way, would you like mine?
Pot pie lasts a long, long time,
It's turkey every day!
(Author Unknown)

Turkey Trouble A Thanksgiving Poem
"How big is that turkey?"
Papa did ask
"About a 20 pounder."
Mama said, "Don't sass!"
"Will it fit in the oven?"
Papa poked fun
"Never you mind."
Mama said, "I'll let you know when it's done."
Hours later Papa said,
"Isn't it ready yet?"
"Get out of my kitchen!"
Mama yelled, "You pest!"
"It's starting to get dark."
Papa said with a scowl
"If it takes much longer
We'll be eating with the owls!"
"You can't rush perfection."
Mama said with a grin
"Just sit and be still
The news is about to begin."
Papa asleep on the couch
Mama asleep in her chair
Turkey for breakfast
A Thanksgiving beyond compare!
(Author - Lisa Tomes)