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This Thanksgiving, teach your children a few, witty limericks that they can narrate in front of their friends at school. Make this Thanksgiving humorous with a few of these Thanksgiving limericks.

Thanksgiving Limericks

Thanksgiving is an American holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November every year. There are various legends associated with the origins of this festival, such as the legends of the Wampanoag Native Americans and the colonists and the farewell party for the English settlers. However, one of the most popular legends of Thanksgiving states that the Native Americans gave up their lands, which they were spiritually connected to, for a more modern American. Families usually get together, feast together, pray and thank the ancestors and the Gods for all the blessings bestowed to them in life. Thanksgiving is not only important because of the turkey. There is a lot more to the festival. The holiday celebrates the oneness, the purity of togetherness and the gratitude of having a family, along with the blessings. The Thanksgiving dinner table is usually witness to a lot of good humor, scrumptious dinners and table games. This year, add to the hilarity and the joys of the Thanksgiving holiday with a few, witty, Thanksgiving limericks.

Limericks For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Feast Limericks
For a piece of my mom's pumpkin pie
There are kids who would offer to die.,
The aroma alone
Gets right to the bone
And to ask for some more they're not shy!
"Thanksgiving's a day for a feast
A day to carve the roast beast
Try some cranberry sauce
If you don't it's your loss
And some stuffing to say the least."

"When Thanksgiving is misty and murky
And you're indoors all happy and perky
There'll be people to greet
Lots of goodies to eat
But just spare a thought for the turkey."

"The turkey's been dropped on the floor
The gravy refuses to pour
The taters are lumpy
And Grandpa is grumpy
But Thanksgiving's a day I adore."

"Oh why was I born a turkey?
Today could be my last day
I'm still happy that people
Will come to the table
To empty every last tray."

"On Thanksgiving please invite vegetarians
For this feast they will not be contrarians
On steamed broccoli they'll dine
A sprig of parsley is fine
And they won't hoard your drumsticks like barbarians"

General Thanksgiving Limericks
"I once cooked for both of our clans,
While running around making plans.
Now as a treat
We go out to eat.
Goodbye dirty dishes and pans!"

"It's time for the cooks to all shine,
Everything's got to be fine.
I never get stressed,
As you might have guessed,
I start off my day with some wine."
"I looked out my window today
At a Thanksgiving turkey astray
He escaped from a pen
He has freedom again
And he's having a wonderful day."

"Thanksgiving comes once a year
So we eat what is so dear
Then you notice your weight
Has gone up by eight
But don't worry you hear"

"A cornucopia of horn, Cornucopia
Of flowers, of fruit, and of corn,
Delighting the eye,
It gives reason why
You give thanks for the day you were born."
"There once was a turkey still living,
Who complained with a little misgiving, you take pride being Yanks,
And you give the thanks,
But we seem to do all the giving."

"The turkey did not turn out fine.
So I thought I would break out the wine.
By dessert they were wasted
From the wine that they tasted
And they all thought the dinner divine."

"Thanksgiving's the day one wishes
That the turkey is truly delicious
It takes a week
To eat all but his beak
In sandwiches, pies and soup dishes."

Thanksgiving is all about letting your hair down and spending some quality time with the people that matter to you the most. Apart from the traditional feasting, football, and chatter, use a few of these witty, limericks and add to the spirit of the Thanksgiving festival. It is a guarantee that with these limericks, your guests and family are bound to have a gala time apart from bursting into peals of chuckles and laughter.