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Read traditional turkey songs here that include 'Albuquerque Turkey' and 'Five Little Turkeys'.

Traditional Turkey Songs

Traditional Turkey songs are extremely popular on Thanksgiving and have been used for the festival year after year. Since turkey forms the central food of Thanksgiving dinner, several songs have been written with the bird as the theme. Turkey songs have an element of fun in them and are greatly enjoyed by everyone. Here, we bring you two popular traditional turkey songs, which have retained their freshness despite being recited so many times. 'Albuquerque Turkey' is a standard Thanksgiving song for turkeys and is quite funny to read. 'Five Little Turkeys' is also a hilarious song, warning the last of the turkeys to run away, before they are slaughtered and served on the platter for the Thanksgiving Feast. You can also recite these songs on this year's Thanksgiving dinner or better still, write them on the cards that you want to present to your friends and relatives. Read on to find the tickling effect of traditional turkey songs.

Traditional Songs On Turkey

Albuquerque Turkey
(To the tune of "Clementine")

Albuquerque is a turkey
And he's feathered and he's fine
And he wobbles and he gobbles
And he's absolutely mine.
He's the best pet that you can get...
Better than a dog or cat.
He's my Albuquerque turkey
And I'm awfully proud of that.
He once told me, very frankly
He preferred to be my pet,
Not the main course at my dinner,
And I told him not to fret.
And my Albuquerque turkey
Is so happy in his bed,
'Cause for our Thanksgiving dinner...
We had egg foo yong instead.
(Author Unknown)

Five Little Turkeys
5 little turkeys standing by door,
One waddled off, and then there were 4.
4 little turkeys under a tree,
One waddled off, and then there were 3.
3 little turkeys with nothing to do,
One waddled off, and then there were 2.
2 little turkeys in the noon day sun,
One waddled off, and then there was 1.
One little turkey better run away,
For soon will come Thanksgiving Day.
(Author Unknown)