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Given here is information on how to write rebus/illustrious love poem for your beloved.

Rebus Love Poem

There are innumerable ways to express your love and writing a poem is one of the most beautiful ways to convey your feelings and sentiments. Such an effort never goes unappreciated and you can instantly strike a chord with the reader, who obviously is the one you are so much in love with. One of the most romantic ways of penning down your love is by writing a rebus love poem. For the uninitiated, a rebus love poem is a short poem that has pictures to convey your message. It can be also called an illustrious love poem. It is very romantic and absolutely cute. So bring on your creative side to life by learning how to write a rebus poem for your beloved.

How To Write Rebus Love Poem For Your Beloved

Now that you are pepped about writing a rebus for your beloved, first write a short 5-line message for him/her. You could go about it as given below (just don't copy it blatantly!).

You are more beautiful than a Rose,
You are sweeter than Chocolate,
You are prettier than the prettiest Angel.
You are the only One in this entire World
Whom I love with all my Heart
Forever and ever and ever!

Notice the words that have been italicized. Instead of the words, draw what they stand for. Draw a rose for rose, candy bar for chocolate, a cute cherub with a halo and wings for angel and so on. You could use your handmade drawings, no matter how pathetic it is, your beloved will still treasure it. You could also use stickers for the illustrated words.

The best part is that creating a rebus poem is easier that writing a romantic poem with rhythm and rhyme. You just have to use your imagination and you can also allow it to run wild. Since a rebus poem is all about metaphoric comparison, you are required to be creative. However, you need to take care that the comparisons you are drawing should not be bizarre as your beloved will find it difficult to relate to the poem.

You can also use decorations and embellishments to bedeck the surface on which you are penning the poem. You may be writing your heart-felt poetic feelings inside a greeting card, a cardboard or a simple sheet of paper. You can add the feeling of romance with the help of some decorations. Use pink or red color for embellishments the decoration part as it is the poem which is supposed to stand out.

So get, set and go!